June 8, 2006
It’s been a long while since I’ve had the time to write a general newsletter to everyone. I’ve been more than busy writing my new book, ENTERING THE CASTLE, for months now and between that and teaching, I haven’t had the time to do any extra writing, even though so many ideas and world events have crossed my mind that I would have loved to write about. Recently I attended a conference on Sacred Activism that was held in Seattle, sponsored by Wisdom University located in San Francisco, and the combination of that event, Memorial Day weekend, and my manuscript now in the hands of my editor getting chopped to bits for the re-write process, I have the time to write a newsletter again.

Memorial Day was a big deal for my family when I was growing up because my father served in World War II. He was a Marine who fought in the Pacific and he brought us up with strong, patriotic values and a deep love for this nation. I could sing, “From the Halls of Montezuma” before I was three-years-old…no kidding. Memorial Day meant something, as did all of the values that America stood for, not the least of which were all the First Amendment Rights. I majored in journalism in college – those were the days of Watergate and investigative reporters. Remember those types of reporters? I grew up in Chicago, home of the infamous Democratic National Convention. I can still see the riots in the street that took place as people stood on the streets proclaiming their political stands against a government that had gone to war immorally. They took on the government and put their lives on the line for what they believed in and for what they opposed, like the Vietnam War. They spoke out against a government that had lied to them about the so-called righteous reasons for going to war and they took on the system. I remember that….I remember that…I remember my country – then. I remember them screaming, “No More War!” And do you remember that we weren’t afraid to speak out? That’s what I remember the most – that we weren’t afraid to speak out – then. We weren’t afraid to be Americans then. People can tell me that we aren’t afraid to speak out now, but that’s simply not true. We are afraid to express our opinions about what our nation is doing. We absolutely are afraid. We are afraid of our government and we are afraid of each other.

When did that happen? When did we stop talking politics? When did it become impolite, rude, inappropriate, “non-new age” to discuss the “unconscious” activities taking place in world governments??????? How shall consciousness ever be brought into the arenas of politics if we ourselves do not discuss politics among ourselves? You can challenge me, of course, and tell me that this is not true – to which I would say, “This has been and this is my experience. People are afraid.” And I am with far more people than most of you reading this newsletter. I am with thousands of people per month and I have asked audiences, “Are you afraid to express your political opinions in public now?” – and you know what? The vast majority says, “Yes”. They are afraid of each other and they are afraid of government repercussions. The Patriot Act? Phone tapping? Library card Watch List for the books you are taking out? They are afraid they are being “listened to” by someone and that they will be “reported”.

I remember the anti-war songs of that era…and that they were so popular. Remember that? We loved those guys…they were our heroes – then. These days if someone offers an opinion, his or her career is destroyed. Look at the Dixie Chicks…. I could care less about that group. I have never listened to their music and never will. I never listen to Country Western music. But I am an observer of responses and it’s the public’s response that intrigues me. This is a nation created on the right to express an opinion – look what happens to people who do that. They are practically slaughtered and at the very least, they are banned from places as if they had Bird Flu. What are we doing? Have we forgotten that if we respond to people expressing their opinions like that, they will do the same to us???? Will we be silenced next? Are we among those doing the silencing?

I marvel at the fact that in our contemporary spiritual culture, it is considered an absolute MUST to listen to a person carry on about their emotional past – their wounds and their painful history. You have to listen to that and not judge. My God, if you judge a person recalling a forty-year-old history, why you are considered insensitive and horrible and “unconscious”. Unconscious???? Because you are nearly cross-eyed from boredom as you listen to a person carry-on yet again about an injury that goes back 40-YEARS!!!!!! And yet, let someone bring up a current political issue that is worthy of discussion – REPEAT DICUSSION – and immediately fists get clenched and people chose sides and the “consciousness” crowd closes down. Hostilities rise and all hope of a discussion AMONG THE VERY GROUP THAT SHOULD BE CARRYING LIGHT AND INSIGHT AND HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS INTO THE CHALLENGES FACING OUR SOCIETY – WHICH ARE SO MANY AND SO DIFFICULT – turns to attacks. I’ve seen it happen more times than I can count.

Recently I was attacked via email for attending a conference on Sacred Activism sponsored by Wisdom University BEFORE I even went to the conference!!!! A few people who noticed that peace activist Cindy Sheehan was scheduled to speak were motivated to send an email to my web site reading, “How could Caroline attend a conference with Cindy Sheehan?” First of all, what’s Cindy Sheehan got to do with MY decisions and my work on this earth???? She doesn’t control or influence what I do any more than I influence her. That is what FREE CHOICE is about. Secondly, what on earth motivates someone to respond in such a hostile way to my attending a conference? I was hardly going there to promote anti-American activities…What on earth were these people thinking??????
Why would anyone comment about my attending a conference because another speaker was going to be there?

Now let me just report – as a journalist – on this conference. About 350 officially registered. By the time the four-day conference was over, 1,000 had come to attend the various events. The idea of being “active” once again in America had become an inspiration to them. They were seeking a voice, a means to make their Robert Kennedy, Jr. spoke at this conference (no comments about his past, please. I am not here to DEFEND his past or to PROMOTE his politics!) He spoke about the environment and he spoke about this government. He was direct and he was blunt. People found it refreshing to listen to him as he revealed the backroom agreements that had been made among the media moguls who promised to reduce all investigative reporting and upgrade all entertainment journalism. No reports of returning coffins from the war would be allowed on air; no interviews with angry soldiers; minimum coverage of anti-war protests, should they begin; absolute minimal coverage of all the proof that the government has that going to war was planned before 9/11; maximum coverage of celebrity divorces and scandals, etc. etc. etc. Keep America entertained – that was the goal. Americans would hardly notice that slowly but surely they were getting less and less foreign news reports and quality investigative reporting at home. No journalists challenged the White House at all. All questions were rehearsed. Anything that challenged this was considered “anti-patriotic”, a card that would be conveniently played by this Republican political administration again and again and again and again until it finally silenced America entirely.

Other speakers did presentations on various topics related to Sacred Activism or to their related fields. The topics were intriguing. I, however, was more interested in speaking to the audience members. I wanted to find out what motivated them to attend the conference – to “come out” of the passivity that has gripped America for years and once again become active in the future of their nation.

NOW LET ME BE VERY CLEAR ABOUT SOMETHING: By ACTIVE, I DO NOT MEAN BECOME A REVOLUTIONARY!!!!!! Active means to become a person capable of discussing the future of this nation and the issues and problems facing this nation with the intention of finding ways of initiating positive change. These gatherings are NOT about choosing sides – that is, Democrats versus Republicans versus Libertarians versus Independents versus Whatever’s. These gatherings are about DISCUSSING THE FUTURE OF THIS COUNTRY AGAIN!!!!! They are open forums for the sharing of opinions and fears and options for change. That I would even have to emphasize these points is sad to me, but I feel I have to lest an onslaught of letters arrive in my mailbox admonishing me for being part of an underground revolution instead of attending an open forum of discussions about the future of this – MY nation.

I have thought long and hard – more than I can even begin to tell you – I have anguished about the political atmosphere in this country. I have wanted to write about it for years now, but have hesitated and that in it and of itself has left me infuriated with myself. This spiritual culture of which we are a part BEGAN during the era of the Democratic National Convention and the Hippie Days and the Free Love Days and the drug culture days and the Vietnam Era. That’s when Guru’s and meditation and mysticism and eastern religions and Vatican II and the mystical transition of the sacred ritual of the mass shifted into the language of those present.

The roots of who we are and the desire to be spiritually liberated go back to a REVOLUTION, just as the roots of who we are as Americans go back to a revolution. We took to the streets in the 1960’s because we wanted the right to express the “second wave” of power – the power of our soul to co-create our interior world. We wanted the right to LOVE who we wanted to love, to PRAY to the God that called our soul, to PERCEIVE REALITY without social, ethnic, and religious parameters, and to CREATE A PEACEFUL WORLD because we believed that conscious people could accomplish such a task. This was, after all, the Age of Aquarius…the age of light and we were the light bearers. We would become a conscious generation, bringing consciousness into all walks of life, which meant at the time that we would bring consciousness INTO THE WORLD, not just into our own worlds.

But as the decades passed, we took the more cautious routes of consciousness. We took the internal healing path, the internal spiritual path (which for the most part is the same as the healing path), and we withdrew from creating too much commotion in the outside world. In fact, we started to have babies and families and, well, the rest is history. Now I hear people say to me, “I don’t listen to the news or read the newspaper because the news is just ‘too negative’”. What am I supposed to say to someone who tells me that? This type of comment comes from individuals who, at the same time, consider themselves “conscious”. How can you be “conscious” and not look at the world that feeds you? How can you not care about the world that you walk upon? If you, who say you are dedicated to living a conscious life, are not devoted to walking directly into the center of the social and political activities of our world, then who should? Is not the center of darkness exactly where the light should penetrate? We MUST open ourselves up again not as critics, but as people who want to listen and share ideas and become active agents for change when they feel called to make a difference. No one should be allowed to get away with saying, “But what can I do?” any more – not when you realize that this world is being run by but a hand full of individuals.

Oh, at the conference, an announcement was made just prior to a guest speaker coming on stage that Karl Rove is up for indictment. It was on the blogs and still unofficial, but even at that, the crowd exploded with cheers. One woman said, “Finally, after five years, I can once again smell the sweet fragrance of justice in America once more.”

So – that’s my report and those are my thoughts on this Memorial Day. As Americans, we have the RIGHT to express ourselves, the RIGHT to challenge the actions of our government. Our government serves US – that is the brilliance of the American system. When corporations run the government, however, that should send an alarm off deep in our American fiber. I remember hearing President Bush slip up (imagine that) in one of his talks – He referred to America as a “company” and not a country….I heard it myself. Caught….

Happy Memorial Day, everyone. God bless this nation. May we return to the vision of our Founding Fathers and Mothers: the land of the free and the home of the brave.


Astro Frequency

by Ralfee Finn November 1, 2006

It’s a “two steps forward, one step back, and then a giant leap into the future” kinda week as the final Mercury Retrograde phase of the year hastens a review of 2006 and assists in sorting out what’s a good idea to leave behind and what’s essential to take with into 2007. But—and this is a big but—this is not your mother’s Mercury Retrograde, and it’s not my mother’s either. This Retrograde, which began on October 28th and ends of November 17th, is in a class all its own—a new hybrid that can’t slow down long enough to take a good look at the details of just about anything. Don’t be surprised if an urgent need to push forward at almost any cost drives a need to leave the past in the dust. Just be aware, while this clash between the past and the future isn’t necessarily negative, handling the intensity of the present is going to take stamina and a great deal of patience.

Normal retrogrades are always about revisiting what was, and even though retrogrades are often fraught with hassles, delays, and teeth gnashing snafus, they are also often the only time life slows down long enough to reexamine recent choices. Yes, it’s true, retrogrades are crushing to communication, computers, and all things related to language, yet retrogrades are also beneficial to editing, tweaking, and fine-tuning what’s already in motion.

But Uranus sponsors our current Retrograde, and Uranus isn’t particularly interested in the details. It’s also not fascinated with the past. And what it desires most is revolution. Uranus is currently trining Mars, the Sun, and Venus, all traveling close together in Scorpio. As Uranus trines Mars, the need to move and to move quickly could lead to hasty decisions. When possible take your time. Uranus trine the Sun supports individual radical acts of independence from whatever enslaves—people, work, attitudes, or addictions. Uranus trine Venus leans directly toward fast love affairs that ignite instantaneously and burn out a moment later. What’s always significant about Uranus interactions is their creative signature. All three trines, Mars, the Sun, and Venus support creativity in a variety of forms—from attitudes to paint colors.

Again, during a normal retrograde, simple tasks tend to turn into monumental efforts and regular routines transform into quagmires of frustration. And while some of that wisdom may apply to the current retrograde, the Uranian push toward the future is certain to override retrograde caution—which may not be a bad thing.

During the coming weeks don’t be afraid to break the Retrograde Rules. I know that sounds like heresy, but resisting Uranus will take more energy than riding its tide. Give yourself lots of latitude, plenty of room for mistakes, and when possible extend that same generosity and understanding to all your relations. It’s gonna be a wild ride for everyone.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon Sign, read that, too.

Aries March 21-April 19

It won’t be easy containing your intensity—inside or out—so rather than denying the buzz, use it. Transform this energy into passion, and then channel it into areas of your life that need authentic inspiration.

Taurus April 20-May 20

Surprising developments with significant others challenge your need for consistent behavior. Rather than insist on certainty, make every effort to stay flexible, and you’ll handle the unexpected with ease.

Gemini May 21-June 21

I’m not sure how you’re going to manage the workload, either. But I am sure you will be able to organize a reasonable game plan. Just try to be moderate and don’t take on more than you can accomplish.

Cancer June 22-July 22

Too much is changing to quickly for you to get under the covers—there’s barely time to process the latest development. So breathe, deeply, and soothe your anxiety with knowing that eventually you will be able to rest.

Leo July 23-August 22

Acknowledge your need for rest, but also don’t expect that need to be satisfied anytime soon—you’re in transition, and no where near the end of this phase. Set a realistic pace, and then utilize this time as best you can.

Virgo August 23-September 22

Be willing to be intimate and you’ll encourage a new level of communication with lovers, friends, and family. You don’t have to tell every secret—you just have to be authentic.

Libra September 23-October 22

You’re working on establishing and maintaining the equilibrium between caution and optimism, particularly when it comes to finances. Here’s some help—avoid what’s expedient and concentrate instead on the big picture.

Scorpio October 23-November 21

Sometimes too much attention can be unnerving, but at the moment, you not only can’t escape it—you also deserve it. So rather than shy away from the spotlight, take a gracious bow.

Sagittarius November 22-December 21

My head is exploding just from thinking about what’s going on in your head. It isn’t possible to solve every problem simultaneously, so prioritize your goals, and don’t try to do everything at once.

Capricorn December 22-January 19

Unusual demands on your time and energy are taking a toll and raising your stress level, which is why you’re tempted to say more than you want to. There’s only one solution—get some rest.

Aquarius January 20-February 18

It won’t be possible to say, “yes” to everything, so resist the temptation to overextend and instead, focus on the one or two or even three things you know you can do well.

Pisces February 19-March 20

Be honest with yourself and others, even if that means reacting in the moment and risking “wrong” behavior. Rather than apologizing for what you feel, own your attitude, and if it needs a tweak, you’ll do the necessary work.

A month abloom with fateful omens has kicked off with a total solar eclipse at 9 degrees Leo. Eclipses occur either during a New Moon (solar) or Full Moon (lunar), and only when one or both luminaries are close by one of the Moon’s Nodes. Due to their relation with eclipses, the Nodes can function as karmic indicators for destiny, whether for a nation or an individual. An eclipse of the Sun represents a darkening of consciousness, therefore allowing the contents of the unconscious and collective gestault to come forward. An eclipse of the Moon symbolizes a darkening of the mind, resulting in changes of form. It’s easy to confuse mind-ego with conscious awareness, however they are two different states of being.

A horoscope chart cast for the eclipse at 10:13 am GMT in Washington , DC . places the fateful phenomenon right on the Ascendant angle, just rising in the nation’s twelfth house of karma and self-undoing. Not an understatement to suggest that past immature or self-serving economic decisions are coming home to roost, with the resultant detriment likely to change the face of the “land of free and home of the brave” for a long time to come. Mercury (media and commerce) and Venus (values, finances) bracket the unlucky South Node in the first house; Venus stands in opposition to Neptune in the house of partners, open enemies and projected problems in the house opposite. The public might be up in arms, but seems prone to misidentifying the roots of their discomfort. For example, somehow the current oil crisis tends to get pinned on the Democrats, intimating that some sort of gol’durned social program must be behind soaring prices at the pumps. Somehow it remains difficult for the average man on the street to connect the dots between unregulated market conditions crafted by Republican fiat over the last years, and grossly inflated corporate oil profits. In fact at last glance, investors were disgruntled because oil profits weren’t even higher.

Saturn (limitations, loss, status quo) stands in the second house of the people’s money, in trine to Jupiter retrograde in the sixth house of workers, definitely cramping funds for personal entertainment and quite in line with the governator of California pink-slipping thousands of state workers due to a bankrupt budget. Mars (aggression, ambition, drive, the military) is also in the second house, approaching an opposition to Uranus located in the house of other people’s money, debt, taxes and power issues; this one reads like big money and bad loans grinding towards a confrontation with the grass roots except again, the enemy may be misidentified. We tend to forget too, that Uranus in a bad mood is not a loose Aquarian hippie, but rather fascist and reactionary in nature; it doesn’t react well to interference with a need to control. Locally, this is an aspect of impulse, violence and psychotic breaks-perhaps triggered over money issues. Do wonder also, if this is the month when people at large discover that the American Lifestyle ain’t necessarily what it was made out to be.

On the personal level, however, the time between these solar and lunar eclipses can be immensely powerful for putting change into motion. If there is any project or self- improvement to push forward, any free-loader to throw out, someone to fall in love with or commit to, what a great time to do just that. It’s not all doom and gloom out there at all; use the momentum to streamline; discard whatever or whomever is in the way; move aggressively to forestall further financial losses, watch the back door.

Venus enters Virgo on August 5, making the lady much more discriminating, perfectionist and critical. She is in her fall in this sign, meaning its time to wear grey, seduce slowly and watch the manners. A caution is sounded for the days around August 6, as Mars reaches exact opposition to Uranus while Mercury is in opposition to Neptune . This combination does not bode well for straight talking or suffering fools gladly. Imagine a smooth-taking con man, whispering lies in your ear while he snags the wallet and then kicks you to the ground. Defer certain crucial decisions if possible, as more valid information should become available at the end of the month.

On Aug 10 Mercury enters Virgo so the rhetoric should get slightly less bombastic and expansive; organization, administration and detail are easier to come by, but communications may obediently follow a hidden line of special interest. Through the 15th, the expansive Leo Sun moves in quincunx to Uranus, then in opposition to the North Node, asteroid Chiron and Neptune, shining a light on the plentiful suffering, starvation and pain out there, just when the Olympics will be at their glossiest height. Hey, instead of letting the poor eat cake, how about issuing sweat pants globally? Venus in conjunction with Saturn can herald a lucrative contract, new job or marriage proposal for some around mid-month.

The Lunar eclipse takes the stage at 23 degrees Aquarius on August 23rd, and the scenery won’t have gotten any calmer. A horoscope chart cast for 9:18 pm GMT in Washington , DC , puts the darkened Moon in the second house of the people’s money, fresh off of passing over Neptune, master of illusion, delusion, victimization and big oil. Add asteroid Chiron and the North Node in Aquarius and we have suffering humanity, standing forlornly in opposition to an aristocratic eighth house loaded with the money and power of the elite. Populating the premises are the South Node and Sun, Saturn, Mercury and Venus, looking like butter wouldn’t melt in their mouth. The energies are regal (Leo) and inquisitional (Virgo); shades of the Roman Empire and its social regulatory structures, hoping that electronic virtual reality will keep the masses in check.

With Jupiter retrograde in the first house of the people at large in trine to Venus, plenty of folks likely still believe their masters are going to save them. The really harsh impact is delivered by Mars in the ninth house of the law, ideology and relations with foreign countries, in square to Pluto ominously placed in the twelfth house of karma and self-undoing; an aspect that is brutal, ruthless and violent in connotation. Another reflection of brewing turmoil can be found in disruptive Uranus gracing the third house of communications and lifestyle, still within breathing distance of opposition to militant Mars and pondering about its upcoming square to brutal Pluto in a few years. Still in all, if you need to strong-arm somebody or sell the Brooklyn Bridge to a sucker, progress can be made. This eclipse marks a sea-change in relations between the haves and have-nots, which bodes well for provoking riot and revolution in awhile, out of discontent.

Mars enters Libra on August 19th; while we can hope that this signals a return to aggressively seeking social company instead of gripping, remember that Libran energy is not always gracious and sophisticated-especially when seeking its own relentless version of justice. With asteroid Ceres entering Leo it may be a good time to step up the networking efforts and make preparations for an upcoming harvest.

On August 22 the Sun enters analytical, obedient and cool-minded Virgo, just in time for the Media Kickoff for the Democratic Convention to be held at Elich’s Amusement Park in Denver , Colorado on August 23rd. A horoscope chart cast for this event at 6:00 pm MDT is rather juicy for conspiracy buffs cognizant of the power stars that were aligned with our nation’s capitol at its inception. The main feature is king-maker Regulus, currently holding court at 29 degrees 56 minutes Leo; has anyone wondered if Regulus moving into the zodiac sign of Virgo next year is likely a Big Deal when referring to an alleged New World Order? (Note: The headline banner on the official Olympic website is One World, One Dream.)

Anyway, Regulus will be right close to the Kickoff Vertex of fated events and the Sun (national identity, the leader). The Moon (the people at large) in Gemini resides in the fourth house of home base just a few minutes past a tense waxing square with the Sun, Vertex and Regulus. At the same time, we have Polaris and Etamin, pole stars present and past in exact zodiacal opposition to one another. Etamin of the constellation alpha draco is also conjunct to Pluto (Ancient, Transformative Power); this loaded opposition sits in harmonious aspect to the event Sun, Vertex, Regulus and Part of Fortune, which happens to be the most elevated point in the chart.

Echoing the recent Lunar Eclipse chart, we have Sun, Saturn, Venus, Mercury, and Mars all in the event eighth house of other people’s money and power. Saturn dominates as ruler of the Ascendant and twelfth house of karma and secrets; the lord of status quo is in applying trine to Jupiter rising, ruler of fortune hidden away in the twelfth house. Big deals will have already been quietly brokered before the first firecracker goes off. The hoopla is provided by Mercury and Venus in opposition to Uranus (females will be important to this occasion); however actual media action will be fed through the fogging filter of Mercury in quincunx to deceptive Neptune . H-m-m-m.

Let’s end the tumult with Venus waltzing into Libra at the end of the month. The lady is exalted here and maybe finally, we can get out to have some easy fun without rude surprises or excessive decorum. But hold onto your hats, ladies and gentleman because the big ride for many of us actually departs the station in September.

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The Final Steps of Preparation

By Patricia Diane Cota-Robles
The preparation for anchoring the very first archetypes for the New Earth is unfolding in Divine Order. The synchronicity of this Divine Plan is wondrous to behold. Lightworkers all over the world have been weaving their unique gifts and their service to the Light into this vitally important facet of God’s Plan. This is something we have all been working toward for lifetimes. At last, the moment has arrived, and we are now experiencing the final steps of preparation.

I would like to share with you a small fraction of the Light work that is paving the way for the anchoring of the archetypes of Eternal Peace and God’s Infinite Abundance, which will take place August 16-21, 2008. This will be a global event involving the conscious participation of Lightworkers around the world, and the I AM Presence of every man, woman and child on the planet.

This is a multifaceted and multidimensional Divine Plan. Everything that is happening on Earth at this moment is interrelated, interconnected and interdependent. The Presidential elections in the United States of America are a critical part of this plan. The Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth have stated that because of the things that are destined to occur on Earth during the next eight years, these elections are the most important we have ever experienced.

On May 18, 2008, the day before the very powerful Wesak Blue Moon, we gave one of our free seminars in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Philadelphia is known as the City of Brotherly Love. This is a powerful focus for government in the United States of America. It is where our sacred documents were cocreated and signed. These documents include the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the United States of America.

These Divinely Inspired documents contain the Immaculate Concept of what this country will one day outpicture. Unfortunately, because of Humanity’s fear-based human egos and our blatant abuse of power for over two centuries, the Truth contained in these documents has been distorted, suppressed and cloaked in darkness.

During our free seminar, the Beings of Light who are associated with Divine Government joined forces with the Lightworkers gathered in Philadelphia. A powerful activity of Light was orchestrated through the unified efforts of Heaven and Earth, and the cloak of darkness that has suppressed our sacred documents was shattered and transmuted into Light.

Now the patterns of perfection for the government of the United States of America are pulsating in, through and around the physical, etheric, mental and emotional strata of Earth. These patterns are filtering into the consciousness of every person who is, or ever will be, involved with the governments of this nation.

The Immaculate Concept for Divine Government—a government OF the I AM Presence, BY the I AM Presence, FOR the I AM Presence of Humanity—will now be available to positively influence the next President of the United States of America and all those who will be elected into office.

Our responsibility as Lightworkers is to continually invoke the Divine Plan and the highest good for all concerned regarding these elections. We must ask Archangel Michael to place an invincible forcefield of protection around everyone involved with these elections in any way, and all of the people who are dedicated to cocreating Divine Government in the United States of America. It is important that we also ask that this force field of protection be expanded to envelop everyone associated with the manifestation of Divine Government in every country in the world.

Another very powerful step of preparation took place during the Universal Lightworkers Conference. This annual gathering of Lightworkers was held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, June 13-15, 2008.

Due to myriad activities of Light that have been cocreated by the Company of Heaven and embodied Lightworkers over the past few decades, our Mother God has returned to Earth. Her momentum of Transfiguring Divine Love is now integrating into every Heart Flame. This has brought into balance the Blue Flame of Divine Power associated with our Father God and the Pink Flame of Divine Love associated with our Mother God. When these two aspects of our Father-Mother God are balanced, they manifest as the infinite power of the 5th-Dimensional Violet Flame. These energies are now flowing through Florida, which is part of the largest portal for the Violet Flame on the planet.

During this gathering of Lightworkers, the Company of Heaven asked if we would be willing to serve as surrogates on behalf of all Humanity. The Divine Intent was for us to be the Open Door for a frequency of the Violet Flame that would transmute the obsolete archetypes of Humanity’s abuse of our masculine power. This abuse of power resulted after the fall when we closed our Heart Chakras, and our Mother God, the Holy Spirit, was forced to withdraw from the Earth.

Humanity’s abuse of power and the lack of reverence for Life are the bases for all of the maladies existing on Earth at this time. These obsolete archetypes of imperfection had to be cleared and transmuted into Light in order for the archetypes for the New Earth to be anchored in the physical plane.

This was a global activity, and the I AM Presence of every man, woman and child on Earth joined in consciousness with the Lightworkers in Fort Lauderdale. Several outer-world events occurred during that weekend that helped turn the focus of Humanity’s attention to the Father and the positive aspects of the Divine Masculine. Most importantly, Sunday, June 15th, was Father’s Day. This day honoring Fathers is celebrated in many countries around the world. During that important weekend, hundreds of millions of people focused their attention on Fatherhood and the positive qualities of the Divine Masculine.

On Friday the 13th, one of our beloved news announcers died unexpectedly of a massive heart attack. The shock of that event held the focus of the media for the entire weekend. Tim Russert was a good man and a devoted son and father. On Father’s Day last year, he released a book that he had written about his own father. On Father’s Day weekend this year, all of the news reports focused on the positive relationship Tim had with his father and his own son. For several days, this gentle man was revered and honored in all aspects of the media.

During his memorial service at the JFK Center in Washington, DC, the song “Over the Rainbow” was played. As people left the center after the service, a huge double rainbow appeared in the sky.

Another beloved man was honored that same weekend. It was Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday. There were celebrations and news reports throughout the weekend that reflected what this humble man has done to restore freedom, dignity and healing to people in Africa and around the world. He is a wonderful example of the positive use of masculine power, which must now be restored within every person on Earth.

During this same weekend, a tremendous purging took place in many parts of the world. In the United States of America, we experienced record-breaking floods and wildfires. Mercifully, even though the loss of property was tremendous, there was relatively little loss of life. What often appear to be random weather conditions and coincidental Earth changes are actually Mother Earth’s way of cleansing the human miscreations and the pollution Humanity has inflicted upon her over the years.

The Beings of Light said the unified efforts of the Lightworkers at the Universal Lightworkers Conference were God Victorious. The obsolete archetypes of Humanity’s abuse of our masculine power, which have been adversely affecting us since our fall from Grace aeons ago, were shattered and transmuted into Light. This victory cleared the way for the next phase of the Divine Plan.

The next major step of preparation occurred during the Summer Solstice, June 20-21, 2008. Because of cosmic harmonics, celestial alignments and cycles within cycles the Company of Heaven said this was one of the most powerful Solstices the Earth has ever experienced.

Lightworkers all over the world responded to their heart’s call and organized various activities that added to the Light of the world in myriad ways. The powerful collective effort of these events opened an interdimensional doorway that allowed the Earth to ascend further up the Spiral of Evolution. The Earth and all her Life are now vibrating at a frequency that will accelerate the expansion of the archetypes of Eternal Peace and God’s Abundance once they are anchored in the physical world of form.

The next step of preparation involved the influx of Light that occurred on the planet through the celebration of the 4th of July in the USA. This is a day during which the patterns of perfection destined for this country are empowered through the hearts and minds of all Americans. Liberty, Justice, Freedom and Victory in the Light are the keynotes for this celebration. The influx of these Divine Qualities enhanced the preparation for the events in August.

On July 7th, another very powerful activity of Light was set in place through the Divine Intervention of the mighty Elohim—the Builders of Form. Working with Lightworkers embodied on Earth, these august Beings projected their luminous Presence into the Sun of Even Pressure, which pulsates in the center of the Earth. This blazing Sun in the center of the Earth embraces the Immortal Victorious Threefold Flame in the heart of Mother Earth.

From within the heart of Mother Earth, the Elohim magnetized the most intensified frequencies of the Twelve Solar Aspects of Deity that Humanity and the Earth were capable of receiving. These Twelve 5th-Dimensional Solar Rays of Light were anchored within each of the Twelve Solar Chakras that pulsate along the axis of the Earth.

Once the highest frequencies of the Twelve Solar Aspects of Deity that the Earth has ever experienced were secured within each of Earth’s Twelve Solar Chakras, the mighty Elohim breathed that powerful Light into all of the vulnerable areas in the body of Mother Earth.

The Elohim projected this monumental influx of Light into all of the faults, cracks, fissures and tectonics plates in the body of Mother Earth. Once these weakened areas were strengthened and secured, the Elohim expanded the Light into all of the areas where nuclear testing, mining, drilling for oil and every other invasive practice has wounded the body of this precious planet.

The Divine Intent of this intervention from the Elohim is to secure the Earth and prepare this planet and all her Life to be able to assimilate and sustain the patterns of perfection for the New Earth that will be anchored in the physical plane in August.

In the next few weeks, there will be a few more very powerful steps to complete the preparations.

On August 1st, there will be a unique Solar Eclipse. Spiritual astrologers are indicating that this celestial event will open a window of opportunity during which the I AM Presence of every person on Earth will be able to enlighten the outer mind and empower the Divine Potential encoded within our RNA and DNA structures. We are being told by the Company of Heaven that this event will greatly enhance Humanity’s awakening process.

The effects of the Solar Eclipse will build in momentum for eight days until the Opening Ceremonies for the Olympic Games, which will take place in China, August 8, 2008—08-08-08. Eight is the number that models the Divine Fiat, “As above, so below.”

The Olympic Games are always a very powerful time for the planet. They symbolically represent the Family of Humanity setting aside our differences as we come together, in Peace, to strive toward our highest level of excellence. For 17 days, it is estimated that approximately five billion people will, in one way or another, turn their attention to this global event. This will create a colossal Cup of Humanity’s consciousness through which the Light of God will flow to assist all Life evolving on Earth.

During this unprecedented Cosmic Moment, the Olympic Games will be more significant than ever before. It is not by chance that these Olympic Games are being held in China. At the moment, China is outpicturing the full spectrum of what is right and what is wrong with Humanity. It is serving as the microcosm of the macrocosm for this planet, and, as China is healed and lifted up, all Life with be lifted up with her.

Pulsating in the Etheric Realms above China are the Etheric Temples of Beloved Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Divine Family Life. This selfless Ascended Being of Light is an exponent of our Mother God. She represents all of the Divine Qualities of the Feminine Aspects of Deity.

Blazing on the altar of Kuan Yin’s Etheric Temple is the Violet Flame of Mercy and Compassion. This is the Sacred Fire that will bathe the Earth and all of her Life during the Olympic Games. Kuan Yin has said this unparalleled purging by the Violet Flame of Mercy and Compassion will be the final step of preparation necessary for the anchoring of the very first archetypes for the New Earth.

The influx of Divine Light that will be initiated at the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympic Games will build in power and might for eight days. This will bring us to the apex of the Olympic Games on August 16th.On August 16, 2008, the Earth will be bathed in the Light of the most powerful Lunar Eclipse we have ever known. This will occur because, after all of the steps of preparation we have been through this year, Humanity will be vibrating at a frequency of energy, vibration and consciousness beyond anything we have experienced since our fall from Grace aeons ago. We will now be able to access celestial energies that have previously been far above our reach.

On the evening of August 16, 2008, at 7:30 p.m. Mountain Daylight Time, we will begin the Opening Ceremonies for the 22nd Annual World Congress on Illumination. This will begin the initial impulse of the process of anchoring the very first archetypes for the New Earth. This event will take place at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, which is held within the embrace of Archangel Michael’s Focus of Power and Protection. These Etheric Temples pulsate above the beautiful Lake Louise and the surrounding mountains in Alberta, Canada.

Throughout the week, we will be guided by the Company of Heaven, and the Divine Plan will unfold day by day. The Light will increase with every breath we take, until the first archetypes for the New Earth are fully anchored. That event of the 22nd Annual World Congress on Illumination will be God Victoriously accomplished during the Closing Ceremonies between 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. Mountain Daylight Time on August 21, 2008. We will work in the Eternal Moment of Now, so no matter when you can join with us in consciousness, your I AM Presence will weave your magnificent Light into the Cup of our collective consciousness.

Know that we are ALL One. We will all be in our right and perfect place for this wondrous global activity of Light. If your heart is calling you to be physically present at the event in Lake Louise, there are still a few rooms available. We must release these few rooms back to the hotel on July 17, so please register as soon as possible in order to assure your space.

You can find all of the details you need to attend this gathering of Lightworkers on our website:

Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose

a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit educational organization


April 2009 Astrology Article

April 2009 Astrology Rant

by by Mystic Marguerite
April starts with a dramatic square from Venus in Aries (surfacing consciousness) to Pluto in Capricorn(status quo authority); it has been rather itchy out there and we may have found ourselves behaving strangely. For some, a classic symphony of sex-money-power-death-ego has been playing in the background, made even more poignant as Venus is retrograde in the primal life sign of Aries and just emerging from an inferior conjunction with the Sun. Symbolically, the goddess has traveled to the underworld, been put to death and then reborn in rejuvenated form. Soon she will rise up raw and militant, bringing primal dreams of creation and newly quickened life up from the unconscious. In plain talk, the ides of March has been marked by more death than usual; of beloved friends, relatives or pets, but also of cherished dreams, hopes, relationships and careers.
This particular retrograde Venus transit is occurring right over a single point in the zodiac associated with transformation and rebirth, reinforcing this theme over the entire month, not only of letting go of that which can no longer be; but also of experiencing the strangeness of stepping into an altered state of being brought on by an eclipse in the soul. Already made vulnerable by fear, confusion or sorrow, we are being further pressed upon by Pluto, archetypal lord of transformation, ruler of mass-movements, catastrophic breakdowns and the more Kali-esque forces of existence. We might be experiencing strange cycles of high, even manic energy and a wild willingness to risk, alternating with feeling worn out, depressed, shell-shocked and over-stimulated. Those still defiantly holding on to the usual paradigm of self-definition may be feeling like a rabbit that has been hunted down to hide in the last bramble; wondering if the hounds will flush them out, or if laying low enough will grant more time in a familiar space. Or maybe if one exhibits enough spirit of transcendence that will suffice to buy a ticket to grace.

Expect incidents of chaos and upheaval natural or man-made starting around April 4th; Pluto will station retrograde while a passive-aggressive Mars in Pisces opposes Saturn the karmic task-master. Stations of the outer planets often translate into major events in the mundane word; Pluto rules the larger destructive forces at work in the world such as volcanoes and earthquakes; or matters such as genocide and government coups in the arena of human affairs. Mars in opposition to Saturn retrograde represents one of the more unpleasant energies to be experienced, think irrepressible force meeting a thick, spongy wall, or the phenomenon of driving a car with the brakes on. On the 4th, the aspect is exact and the resistance is increased even further by the Moon in quincunx to Mars and Sun-Mercury in quincunx to Saturn. In the mundane sense we consider the Sun as representative of national identity and ruling authority; the Moon represents the people at large. Quincunx energy is resistive, restless and full of friction; two different kinds of doing and being are not fitting at all well together. Quincunxes often figure prominently in a visit by Death.

Looks like a big slow-down in the OK Corral goin’on, across the country in the early weeks of the month. It may be dawning on more and more people, that the power at the top is purposefully engaged in bringing this country down, by printing ruinous amounts of money that disappear into a bailout black hole. Yet we do not dare correlate government officials or politicians with a condition of treason. Unthinkable. As Pluto stations retrograde it is in quincunx with the Nodes of the Moon (the status quo) and squaring a debilitated Venus; there is a slow and insidious transformation going on within the collective, as it becomes clear that little of this bailout effort is having much positive effect on the man down on the street. Even if we do have those innovative, revolutionary new ideas for living in the Brave New Age, most of us are not being granted the financing or regulatory support to make it so. On the personal level, think of this aspect combination as the tension in a bow as it is being drawn back to fire an arrow; the release when it happens is going to be a dozy, and there is a cosmic correlation for that happening this month also.

The Full Moon occurs at 19 degrees Libra on April 9th. Things seem to get a tad more intense around the time of the lunation, and the strings on this one are further tightened by Mars (aggression) in quincunx to the Moon (the people at large, your security needs) while heading for a meeting with Uranus, another planet representative of the larger forces at work in our universe that don’t immediately appear to be subject to personal control. Uranus represents cosmic creativity, sudden change, revolution and the future. When activated by a fire-bolt like Mars, Uranian energy detonates violently, big time. Think pipe bomb, think psychotic breakdown, nuclear incident, transportation accident, flood, volcano or earthquake.

Mars actually meets up with Uranus on April 15th; we could say the intense resonance evoked at the Full Moon of climax is only a prelude to mid-month mayhem. If casting a mundane chart for the time of conjunction, set for Washington DC and Koch houses, Mars-Uranus detonates in the twelfth house of karma, self-undoing and bondage. Mars is also ruler of the first house and Ascendant; Uranus is ruler of the collective and unconscious twelfth house in this chart, so we could be looking at a massive disaster involving water, large-scale riots or a terrorist event or melt-downs and accidents down at the personal level, as Venus retro nearby rules both the house of our money and the house of perceived enemies. This chart is also remarkable as a Moon-Pluto conjunction sits up on the Midheaven in the ninth house of government structures, foreign countries and the law. Pluto here is ruler of the mundane eighth house of other people’s money, debt, taxes, power and control. The Moon, representative of the people, is ruling the fourth house of home base and the fifth house of children and speculation.

The Moon-Pluto thing essentially looks to be a collision between the demands of the people at large, slamming into the realization (hopefully) of what Big Money and World Based Power plans to do with us and our children due an impossible debt load coupled with devaluation of US currency. Alternatively, one could also imagine that elected representatives and/or the President suddenly grow a huge set of balls and stop the Fed, the Treasury Secretary and a disastrous monetary policy dead in its tracks.

Well, but we have Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter (the fantasy that everything is going to be alright) sitting in the eleventh house of the legislature in sextile to the Sun, located in the first house of the people (we will take care of you). Yes, great effort is going to be expended by our august leaders and the media, to make us believe everything is going to be fine and the right band-aid will be applied soon. Just expect social chaos, fantasy, violence and power-plays to compete for your attention this April.

The New Moon of beginnings occurs on April 24; by then a great energy shift will have taken effect, and we may be able to feel a tad more easily grounded. The Sun will have traveled into Taurus around the 21st; energizing the urge to get on with planting and cultivating. Mercury will have been in Taurus since the beginning of the month, but now communications take on a new sensibility and groundedness, bringing that expansive Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune fantasy back to earth, making it produce by hard work instead of fanciful promise.

This lunation has remarkably fertile symbolism in it; in a horoscope chart set for Washington DC and Koch houses, we not only have the Moon and Sun cuddled up in fertile Taurus and the fourth house of home base; Venus has finally gone direct and sits right on the birthing point of zero degrees Aries, fresh off of a meeting with Mars at 1 degree Aries 59’. You don’t have to know astrology to know that Venus represents females and Mars represents males, a conjunction represents a union of sorts. The lunation Sun and Moon are also in trine to Pluto in the mundane first house of the people at large; it might be a little sloppy and makeshift out there, but seems like we will have gotten past a freak-out of sorts by the end of the month. It’s gonna be time to make hay in new ways, grow babies or have some fun while the sun shines, to heck with it.

Here I would like to insert an explanation of the current state of affairs as offered by certain acquaintances in the spiritual arts. They say a choice was made last August, amongst all of the beings in and out of existence and the forces of “evil” and “good”. This was to allow the Light to shine on everything that was previously hidden. So nobody gets away with much that is imbalanced or false for very long. It means that to the degree we may have judged others and made scapegoats of them, we now see them as a mirror reflection of whatever aspects of self we had chosen to deny before.

It also means we have opportunity to change whatever contracts we have made with self and others, radically change the way we are living and surviving. This is why the economic turmoil is occurring, because many of us really are changing our consciousness about existence and our place in it. Others of us are choosing to rigidly defend the usual way of conducting conditioned life with great determination. The turmoil will continue to fuel the break down old structures and belief systems, even while they strive to impose more control than ever. The outcome is not certain at this point, as our race has been blinded by tribal cant long enough to mutate many into narrow emotional and spiritual cripples.

Upsets, power struggles, accidents and violence can still occur as Mars squares Pluto on April 26th but collectively we will be ready to move on into the promise of summer, whatever it may bring. At month’s end Mercury the communicator moves into its home sign of Gemini, quickening the mind and urging us to embrace the amazing technological advances that continue to unite the globe via the world of communications. It’s not yet prime time for lift-off of new projects and new directions; real progress will not come easily until late May. April can be well-spent reworking blueprints, investigating, designing, experimenting , traveling or researching in preparation; in addition to throwing out more of that old baggage, there is always more. Even though various people and powerful institutions will continue in the house-of-cards game for awhile longer, hopefully for those at ground level the fog is lifting and the next steps forward are becoming clear. May the wind be at your back; know that God(dess) holds your soul safe through every throw of the dice and ripple in the veil that is Life.

Astrology Charts for This Rant and More Can Be Found At:

Intuition, Centering and Spirits
by Athene Raefiel

Learning to know what is intuition, what is emotion, what is mind, what is soul, what is spirit, and how to discern between these things is as important as speaking directly with Spirit Guides and Angels. If we do not learn to redefine within ourselves what is real and what is imaginary, this all becomes very confusing.

Intuition is sensing things from an inner perspective as well as just “knowing it”. Learning to develop our intuition is powerful as Spirit Guides and Angels are energy beings and we can learn to communicate with them through the awareness of self as energy, through our intuition.

As we begin to listen to the “small voice within”, our intuition, we discover that it not like listening to the emotional body at all. Intuition can guide us daily when we allow it to, but its development is a progression that is honed after much practice.

Intuition is all about the mind and soul, emotions are all about the body.

The emotional body handles so much in our life that it often tends to take over. When we develop our intuition we must be aware that the emotions and intuition need to find balance with one another.

Many people believe that it is through the Antankarana, the bridge between the higher and lower bodies of consciousness, which we learn to communicate with spirit beings. The Antankarana is simply another word for intuition and both are the links of vibrating consciousness-substance uniting the various dimensions of awareness.

As we learn to pay attention to our inner senses and to discover how we and nature are one, we realize that as energy, there is no end to the exploration of consciousness and the etheric worlds of beings.

Of course there are also many tools that are available to help us along our path of discovery and the greatest one I have found is learning to go within while shutting the mundane everyday world out. Through the process of listening to the silence within ourselves we begin to realize that time stands still, and what we thought was time, does not really exist on the inner planes of reality the same as it does in 3D.

When we realize that all things can be known and experienced at the same time we realize that separation only exists in the human rationale. When we are within the center of our beingness we are also in the center of the Universe and all other life. I call this centering.

Centering is being able to find that peaceful place within self that allows you to tune everything outside out and takes you into a vast expanse of consciousness where everything dwells simultaneously. When you are able to center yourself you find yourself reaching new heights in awareness, intuition and understanding of self. When you have a greater understanding of self, you also have a greater understanding of other life and their forms as well.

When we talk about spirit guides and angels, we as humans often have a need for them to have form. We want to be able to see and hear them just as we do another human being. It is human nature, to be able to experience all things through the five outer senses. Spirit communicates with us in many different ways. Often we will experience them while we are centering and through the experience of osmosis we will receive information we may not even know we have. Since their communication can be all energy we may also have to learn to interpret what we are feeling while in communication with them. Spirit sometimes shows us visions, (or pictures) memories and or symbols. Some call these signs from spirit while others intuit what they feel and interpret it into words. Since is actually a part of us it can be difficult to hear and understand what spirit is helping us with because we want there to be a distinct difference between us and them. We want them to be above us, holier that we are, and also often on a pedestal of sorts.

When we actually meet with spirit we discover that they too are simply here to assist us in our journey of awakening to our own soul and spirit self, as well as assisting us with our growth and development. They are not here with us to heal our life or change our direction or challenges that we will face. This is often the greatest disappointment that lightworkers face when they learn to commune within spirit.

As spirit beings, having a physical experience, we learn that we are not in charge of anything but our own perception of things. If our perception of spirit has been that they are here to save us from ourselves then we must change and re-align our perception to allow them to assist us with our spiritual growth and development and stop needing them to be more human like.

Spirit does not come to us with a treasure chest of gold to heal our money woes nor can they tell us what is the right job to take or where to live. Though they speak with us and guide us, theirs is a spiritual experience and that is what they are helping us with. The greatest gift they bring us is that of their light and love. So unconditional and expansive are these things, that they bring life changing transformations to those willing to accept and utilize them. As we learn to live in the loving energy of light that we are, so does our outward life reflect this. This is how we attain the changes we want for ourselves through and with spirit.

Many of us have merged with spirit this incarnation; this allows us to be in communion with spirit at all times. This does not mean that spirit is continually speaking to us or through us. What it means is that we have discovered how we are spirit and that has allowed us to live within spirit. Spirit is always communing within itself.

Now I would like to clarify some things about spirits.

There are different levels of the astral world where many spirits dwell. What I call the lower astral is where we find what are commonly called demons and also where the dead often visit us to communicate with their loved ones. Sometimes those who have died become stuck in the lower astral and unable to cross in the higher part of astral known as the light. In order to bypass the lower astral and go to the upper astral and the light one must be able to confront their own inner demons also seen as ones fears.

Fear is a powerful energy in the lower astral as so many humans spend so much time in fear that they continually feed that energy helping it become more powerful. Since the astral plane is the easiest for us to access and use as humans, we must learn to master where we spend our time within it.

Those who see ghosts and demons, do so in the lower astral world. Those who see angels and spirit guides of light, do so in the upper light of the astral. Some of the Akashic records can be found in the astral as well as the many visions that people receive good or bad. Most people probably believe that the astral world is heaven and hell. Many who have had out of body experiences actually go into the astral plane. When a person dies and someone says they saw the soul leave the body, what they actually saw was the astral body leave. The soul is the sum total of all dimensions of consciousness attainable individually as well as collectively and the astral is simply one world of consciousness with many different levels.

So if you are wishing to commune with angels and spirit guides of light it is advised to anchor light daily. This is a simple process and can be done by simply using the same exercises and mantras regularly. You can use these prayers and exercises as many times a day as you wish. After all, if you are inviting spirit to come and be with you it is best to produce a familiar energy in which they can dwell. Anchoring light produces this energy and also helps you to keep your energy strong, clear and loving as well help your own environment.

You may use whatever you find soothing to you; I will share with you a combination prayer and invocation that I have used for years.

Heavenly Father, Divine mother, I call you forth and ask that anchor your light in and around me, so that I may discover and experience what I need for my highest and best good.

I call to the power of light that I am.

I call to the Angels of Light.

I call to my teachers and spirit guides of light.

I call to my spirit essence.

I call to the I am that I am.

I call to all those that assist, guide, guard and protect and ask that they align their energies within me. I ask that they surround me with their love, their strength, their wisdom and empowerment and assist me daily.

I call to all the energies of light and love that I am.

I am that I am, I am that I am, I am that I am.

Sit quietly now with your eyes closed and absorb this light and love within yourself. Use it to center daily.

Staying on the Spiritual Path

Staying on The Spiritual Path

By Athene Raefiel
Now more than ever it is hard to follow your inner teachings and knowingness of what your Divine light heralds. The chaos of the world around us seems to say ever more and more that our light is not reaching the deep conclaves of humankind’s hearts and minds, yet in reality the human race is changing and growing more sensitive to what the inner truth and light holds.

Sometimes we must swing all the way to the farthest end of one spectrum before we are thrown forward into a new milestone. This is the process now happening on a grand scale. Like a rubber band that must be loosed because it can stretch no farther, so are the hearts and minds of the many beings on earth at this time.

Due to the tension that the great cosmic currents are presenting, many of you have felt abandoned or lost by what you believe. The waves of energy currents moving through the Earth plane and her solar system are profoundly powerful and yet awkward all at once. Like children learning to swim, it is a new momentum and activity that demands your attention and awareness in order to expand.

Since the beginning of time there has always been opportunities of expansion that could lead to a full integration of knowledge and awareness for the seekers of the light. Not until now was it available in one turn of the wheel or century of time. To ascend the limitations of the human body is an extreme feat indeed and is often only accomplished through many lifetimes of death and rebirths. To be able to achieve this feat and still remain in the physical is available to all those who have the determination and stamina to do so.

The tests are coming more swiftly as the journey accelerates and we are asked to move beyond the common approaches to existence. Though for many, meditation may seem a meaningless exercise, it is indeed the exquisite jewel that emanates powerful energy and light on a massive basis.

It is time to reactivate the Holy Flames of light within you and our Planet Earth. Call to The Emerald Flame of Archangel Raphael, The Azure Blue Flame of Archangel Michael and the Violet Flame of Saint Germaine. Call to the Holy Flame of light within that you are. Call to the Ascension and Transcension flames, The Threefold Flame of the Heart of God and Alpha and Omega of all life.

Visualize these flames as you call them forth and connect to the Ruby Ray of Morya El. Ask Gabriel to enfold you in his Golden Flame and ask Lord Uriel to assist you with his Opalescence. Call upon the Holy of Holies and all who emanate their love in the assistance of the Holy Flames of Light.

Honor the Seven Rays and steps of consciousness. Surrender daily to your soul and spirit path and ask the holy ones to initiate you into the mysteries the Holy Flames of Light and Truth.

Do this daily and I guarantee you will get results.

It is time to research who the Ascended Masters are and also to understand that they are the Seven Chohans who are the Master Teachers of Each color Ray upon which we learn.

You can find a great deal of information in the areas of the Ascended Masters in books by the Theosophical Society as well as those of Elizabeth and Mark Prophet. “The Messengers” as they call themselves bring you all manor of invocations and mantras directly from the Ascended Masters. You will appreciate them. The “I am Series” started by Godfrey Ray King, was written long ago but has great information on St. Germaine. These materials can help energize you to resonate within higher frequencies.

Remember you are searching for answers and guidance, not formal religion. Therefore what you read, you study, is not to believe as another does but discover your own inner knowingness and the unique gifts of the soul being that you are. Books and information are tools to help you find your own authentic self as well as the mighty “I Am Presence” that resides in all life.

“To continually discover the natural you, is the greatest and most fulfilling achievement in life.” By: Athene Raefiel

Soul Memory

Soul Memory

by Athene Raefiel

Since the fall of man or the time of Atlantis human beings have been trying to restore their connection with the divinity that once was a natural part of their being. If earth was colonized by star beings from other galaxies as Archangel Michael shared with me over 20 years ago; then it would make sense that we have different races, cultures and beliefs among the masses. We must also remember that life of course already existed on earth at the time of such colonization. Though much of it was in and from the seas, nature was evolving.
Many of the teachings and writings of ancient societies were destroyed during those early times but much was saved and hidden as well. Egypt was the place where all that survived Atlantis ended up being for a short time.

As we know Egypt is the Home to the Great Pyramid of Giza as well as many other structures whose origins and information is still being debated by scientists, archeologists, geologists and theologians. We have become aware that Egypt was not the only place these pyramid and stone structures were constructed over time, as they have now been discovered to be in many different locations spanning the world.

From the pictographs and hieroglyphics found upon and within these structures we often see what appears to beings from outer space. We know that many of these cultures went to great pains to return somewhere after death and all of them did some formal ceremonies on a regular basis.

We know they were extremely intelligent cultures by their architecture, inventions and monitoring of the planetary movements, as well as the specific directions and mathematics used in every construct of their buildings and cities.

I give you this information as it important to know and understand the journey we have all been on since those early times.

If we understand that soul was not created for humankind until the time of Atlantis we understand that the purpose of soul was to allow each being to have a medium with which to return home. Soul became the vessel that was designed to allow us all to do this. Not knowing where all these beings came from, we also need to understand that they have their own perception and memories of what home is.

Since the many different beings and cultures who live upon the earth as humans now may be from different star systems and galaxies they are awaiting their brethren and Starships from those places to return and get them.

We must consider at this point there may well be many different creators of many different things as well. Just as each of us is a creator, can we actually think that one and the same creator created the duckbilled platypus, the alligators and the beautiful underwater living organisms that we have so little knowledge of? So many different species exist upon this planet that is hard to conceive of them all coming from one creators mind. Perhaps when these star beings came to our planet they also brought many of their own animal species and vegetation with them?

What if ascension is not the same for all beings living on earth at this time? What if each strongly held belief comes from a particular soul group memory belonging to where each originated from and whom their creators are?

I simply raise these questions to help you think outside what you consider to be the only natural process of spiritual evolution. What may be natural to one may be completely unnatural to others.

When we talk about the one true source of all life in metaphysics we are actually speaking of Emanationism. Emanationism teaches us that there is an original intelligence from which all life has sprung. It also teaches us that each emanation is intricately connected with another. What it does not address is that any one of those emanations and perhaps all of them are creators. It also does not address belief, individuality or personal realities.

Let us take the Hierarchy of Light also often referred to as The Brotherhood of Light for example. We as Metaphysicians believe that the Galactic Councils and well as the Native Indian Councils along with the Ascended Masters, Archangels and Seven Rays of Wisdom and Light all work together to assist us in our Divine awakening and Ascension from the earthly embodiment.

We believe that there is a grand divine plan that we signed up for on a soul level many century’s perhaps even eons ago of time past. We believe that this truth of salvation and ascension has to be restored to all of mankind in order for the “God, Goddess, All that Is”, to be restored to the pristine place of glory that we think it should be. We believe this because we have tapped soul memory of what occurred to create the division between human and its divine counterpart and for some reason, we also believe that we as humankind are all of the same soul group and memory.

Yet as you look at your travels in this life as well as journeys of others, you will find that we definitely do not all belong to the same soul group. Though all soul is interconnected with all other soul that in no way implies all have the same lessons, experiences, origins, or homes as others. Therefore why would we all expect to have the same soul memories?

This is one of the problems we deal with in mysticism.

Mysticism deals with visioning and the reception of information directly from the Akashic or Soul record. When one is referred to as prophet it is because they have tapped and interpreted some part of what they saw or heard while in an altered state of consciousness. The big word here is interpretation.

When we are within soul consciousness or receiving a vision, it must be interpreted by the one seeing it into a language such as what they are accustomed to using in every day life. When one has a vision of a spiritual nature there are so many things that there are no words to describe in any language, and also no intensity to truly share what has been experienced. Though etched upon the soul and the mind of the one seeing such, so is it etched within the Akashic Realm or collective soul within which it is being seen.

Hence from such experiences come great books and teachings of the mystics. Books like “Thrice Greatest Hermes”, By G.R.S. Mead, ” The Secret Doctrine” channeled through Madame Helena Blavatsky, ” The Bible” channeled through oh so many mystics and scholars alike, ” The Qur’an” channeled by Muhammad, and other wonderful works such as the ‘The Nag Hammadi Library”, a translation of The Gnostic Scriptures, and let us not forget Plato and Neoplationism as well as the great Jewish literature, law and teaching called the Torah, which contains the Hebrew teaching of the tree of life. These are merely to name but a few of the great books and information brought forth by channels, prophets, scholars and mystics alike over the centuries past.

Though myself I like the Hindu Vedic teachings as well as the teachings of Sufism and that of Tao, I find that all documented material of mystical truths are written and interpreted by someone in human form.

These individuals seem to have little in common with one another. They come from different cultures, backgrounds, time frames, accepted schools of thought or teachings and different parts of the globe. Yet all their mystical interpretations of the truth have been shared and revered my many over the course of time.

Though many humans still wish to believe that there is a dominate force known as “god” who speaks to or writes these truths through an emissary, the original source of life, has no needs, and therefore no desire to do so. If indeed source of all life is beyond all need and desire then why would it have created other emanations to do its bidding?

Since we believe that there is an “ALL”, ” The one True Source of Life” Then why must we believe it has an agenda? Haven’t you ever created anything just to see how it would come out? And if so did you quit creating because it wasn’t what you thought it would end up like? Or did you simply move on to a different creation in order to try something new?

If all things were originally created from the seed of love, then why is loving such a minute detail in the lives of humankind? Why is love the most strongly sought after and most bitterly hated desire all at once? Why does love create so much fear and animosity as well as heartache, if it is the one thing that brings us closer to ourselves and the one true light of all life?

Here are my thoughts. We fear that which we need the most and know the least about. We fear the unknown. We think we believe in the Divine yet we fear the love that it can bring us in our life. We are trained and programmed to believe that we are not worth being loved by either God nor ourselves and we have so many secrets, guilt and shame about our humanness that we afraid the “Almighty” will judge us as being evil or bad when all we are is afraid.

Remember when you began reading this dissertation and I started off with Atlantis and the “Fall of Man”? Remember when I went into saying that many here upon the Earth are not even human but from different Constellations and Star Systems? Remember how you felt about all that?

Well just as that is probably the closest thing to truth you will ever hear there is also another truth about many beings here inhabiting bodies of humans. They are the many fragments of us that have broken off over the sequence of lifetimes and started an evolutionary path of their own. Most were unwanted and discarded fragments of ourselves that we hated and detested. So rather than loving and healing and integrating them we discarded them.

Well they are still alive and they have become a powerful adversary to the harmonious, loving and balanced humans now righteously trying to be more godlike. These beings have become the criminal element in societies, countries and neighborhoods alike, and no matter how hard we try to separate ourselves from the destruction they reap, we are still subject to it. They neither believe in love or of its existence as they have become devoid and robotic in their cause of destruction and hate.

Through my journey of learning and meditation I have discovered that seeing the bigger picture is not always a pretty thing. We spend way to much time justifying our path as the true enlightenment and salvation, while spending way too little time working to integrate the past exploitation’s of what our ignorance brought about. We are way too judgmental and quick to find fault with others and their trials while we ourselves believe we can rise above our human denial.

What we need to save at this point in time is not planet earth, but the home we live upon and what is within us that has given us an opportunity to reintegrate what was ignored in the past. We must bring ourselves restoration on a soul level before we can realign with our spirit and it’s spirit and so on.

There is no right or wrong, good or evil, there is only discernment and love. As we head for the year 2012 what we will find is that we have the opportunity to reintegrate the many facets of the ugly truth into the beauty of truth. We have the opportunity to live the truth we espouse and make our lives a better place. We are also having the opportunity to stop our judgments of others upon their paths as being better or lesser beings than ourselves.

There is nothing in life that will let you down or stop you from evolving spiritually except your own expectations and judgments. Do not determine for another or yourself what is the right path. Always be the example and always remember you are not in charge of the future. How you live your life today will create what your future will be about. You have all the power and access to the soul memory you need. Quit being afraid to use it.

The vital, immaterial, life principle generally conceived as existing within humans and sometimes within all living things, inanimate objects, and the universe as a whole. Religion and philosophy have long been concerned with the nature of the soul in their attempts to understand existence and the meaning of life. (The Columbia Encyclopedia, sixth edition) I believe that soul is the vessel through we experience the Divine Spark of Life within that we are. I believe that we were all spirit born as emanations of the Divine and have proceeded to work our way further and further away from the central intelligence. This we did out of a need to explore, discover, and create for ourselves. Through our exploration we have discovered that the need to bring all life back to the original source of intelligence is imminent for future development. Without memory and awareness of original intelligence all things die and dissipate: in order for life to be eternal the awareness of the connection to the central source of emanation is necessary.

From, The One, The Absolute, The Source of All Life, The One Prime Principle, flows the Divine Substance. This substance never lessens. As the flow proceeds farther from The Core Emanation, its divinity steadily decreases. Just as when a stone is dropped into the water and the ripples or emanations are the circles ever widening out from where the stone was dropped

Emanation in Philosophy:
Emanation is a cosmological concept that explains the creation of the world by a series of radiation’s, or emanations, originating in the Godhead. (The Columbia Encyclopedia, sixth edition) I firmly believe in emanation as factual and true. I explain emanation to individuals by drawing a picture of the sun and seeing that sun as the central intelligence from which all life radiates. Each being is an emanation of the central sun. Each emanation springs from the original intelligence and each intelligence is intricately connected and interwoven with one another. This connection process is called soul.

A branch of philosophy concerned with the ultimate nature of existence. (The Columbia Encyclopedia, sixth edition) I believe Metaphysics to be the science of the soul. I feel that all knowledge is contained within soul and it is the very quest and study of origins that leads one to that knowledge. Philosophical theology and cosmology are also usually considered to be branches of Metaphysics. Most scholarly teachings on Metaphysics are based on Aristotle’s metaphysical system.
(The practice of those who are initiated into the mysteries.) The practice of putting oneself into, and remaining in, direct relation with the One, The Absolute, or any unifying principle of life. (The Columbia Encyclopedia, sixth edition) I believe in mysticism as an art. Mysticism is the art of experiencing for oneself, alternate realities, as well the realities of the Divine life within.

Mysticism is moving beyond that which is experienced with the five outer senses and experiencing through all of the senses available to the individual. These senses are often referred to as Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Intuition, Mediumship and so on. Meditation is the only true means available, that I know of, along with hypnosis to do such experiencing. A good mystic can interpret visions and messages that are received strictly as energy and find words for them. Such people are often referred to as prophets.

Planet Update

Planet Update 2008

Athene Raefiel
Dear Friends and Fellow Lightworkers,
I have much to report on since my last communication with all of you. In late February 2008 I experienced a shift in the energies that showed me that the parallel universe has now begun to separate from the one we have always experienced before. When the parallel Universe merged in August of 1999 it was undecided as to whether it would stay merged or would be forced to separate due to the devastating frequencies of the so-called human Universe.

The call went out many years ago for the Earth and its inhabitants to raise its consciousness to avoid devastation throughout this very intense cycle of change. The Earth and the Solar system responded but unfortunately enough humans did not.

The frequencies of the parallel universe that merged are those of extreme love, harmony, understanding, compromise and compassion. Those energies brought great angst to lie upon the war mongrels and others of greed, gluttony and power. Unfortunately some of the results we have experienced from this merge of energies has caused more violence against the innocent and pure of heart as well as continued dismissal of poor countries and medical needs.

The two Universes separating at this time heralds the teachings of many prophecies that foretold of a change where “some will remain and others will be taken”. These prophecies and stories are old and varied but the same theme runs through all of them. That theme is that evolved consciousness shall have its own dwelling place where it is able to grow and develop unhindered by those that have chosen a much longer and more arduous journey before attaining enlightenment and spiritually evolving.

Though I see everything more conceptually than in 3 D, I realize that appearances are very deceiving. Seeing and participating in a life of energy is very different than seeing and experiencing a life of the five outer senses.

The illusions that have been created and categorized as life, have been, and will be always be made up. We call these illusions reality because we are subjected to them daily, as our survival needs to sustain life upon this planet. Since we are the creators of our own realities then we are not stuck with life in the same way as we have led to believe.

Third dimensional life is just that, third dimensional. The more dimensions we become aware of while living here in this lifetime the more expansive our view of the worlds and life become.

Since the parallel Universe merged in 1999, astronomers have discovered new universes, stars, planets and galaxies that they never before knew existed. This was not due to new equipment and has been just as mystifying to them as any sudden change in the heavens would be to anyone. They do not know what to call this phenomenon so they are thinking of calling their findings “The Parallel Universe”. Interesting how that happens.

Scientists too are discovering an amazing amount of metaphysical findings that correlate with the massive climate and earth changes now occurring. They too have begun expanding their minds and concepts to open to new awareness and information streaming into the long time closed process known as “Science”. Science has always viewed itself as the fact finders and now understands that fact can only come from theory. What a concept.

Theory of course is ideas along with calculations that are then tested to find results, just as Metaphysics is.

I find it quite ironic and yet very appealing that so many judgments have been and will be changed over the brief period of just a decade.

We have all had our struggles with self about what is important and valuable to us in this life. We have all sacrificed for the betterment of others as well as lost those people and things we cared about most. We have grown, developed and changed to become more aware as spirit only to find us further set apart from the masses. Yet for those who have found inner peace and realization they would not trade it in for the mundane ever again.

This year of 2008 promises to be the most interesting time the Earth and its peoples have ever experienced. The uprising and upheaval of Governing Systems will continue to be at forefront as the battle for fairness and balance become more primary than money and greed.

It is hard to topple a system of lies that have perpetrated and penetrated the consciousness of so many for so long, but what we see happening now, right before our very eyes, will tell us if that truly can be accomplished in this go round.

I anchor light daily and send light out to the world as well. I truly believe that this is the work lightworkers do. I feel there is no greater power than that of the light and I know that when you shine light in the darkness all things can finally be seen and addressed.

Light and Love are synonymous to me, and Love is still the greatest healer that we have. So please, call forth the light everyday and surround yourself and your loved ones as well as the planet with it. The greater the frequencies of evolving love the greater the transition into balance and light.

I call forth the power of Light that I am. I call forth my teachers and my guides, all those that assist guide guard and protect.

I call for the Angels of Holy Light of Life and to The Divine Mother of us all. I call to all the energies and agents of love and ask them to surround and anchor that love here and now in me and into the Earth.

I accept Love as the one true essence and power of change needed by this planet and her inhabitants and recognize myself to be the catalyst for that love.

I am, I am, I am, a child of love and light.
I am, I am, I am, bonded to the light.
I am, I am, I am, heralding spiritual wisdom and insight.

Holy Sacred Spirits and Angels of Love, Holy Flames of the Glorious Source, Know that I now align myself to highest principals of light and love available and surrender my power and love to be merged with yours.

Let me always be the chalice of love that permeates within all life.
So be it, So be it, So be it, Amen.

Mother Earth

Mother Earth

Athene Raefiel
Mother Earth is trying to balance herself. She has and will always do what is necessary to harmonize the nature of the Planet. The news media portrays her to be cruel and violent when in reality she is simply doing what any other Mother would do to protect her abode and young life.
We are merely at the beginning of what will be world conflict brought about by natures need to harmonize and balance. Rather than us killing, torturing, creating wars and fighting for the greatest power and wealth we need to be unifying as a world in crisis to save ourselves and the planet. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see this fact; it is plain as day.

The Andes Indians came down out of the mountains in about 1995 to tell us of the devastation humans were creating to nature and her cycle of life. Many did not even know these people existed or that they had been living in the mountains there in natural harmony with the Earth for thousands of years.

Landmasses started moving when the large underwater Earthquakes began setting off Tsunamis in between 2001 and 2004. Old Volcanoes coming back to life after lying dormant for thousands of years is going to continue as the water levels continue to rise and we are having more and more earthquakes world wide.

When Earthquakes occur on the Ocean Floors then the floors begin shifting. This sets off massive changes globally. It is a domino effect, a chain reaction of sorts. Since the Ocean floors make up two thirds of our Planet Earth they are sure to effect all and everything else on the planet.

Since species upon species of Aquatic Sea life has been becoming extinct, the oceans have created a momentum to save themselves. The waters have the greatest power known to this planet and all of its life. The oceans can supply us with all the power needed to heat homes, run vehicles, create electricity and feed us, yet we fill it debris trash, oil spills and over-fishing as well as over-hunting for hides and trinkets we do not need.

If there were a conspiracy theory, I think I would say that we are all living a lie perpetrated by great minds who see the developing world as an entity unto itself that can control not only nature itself but also the nature of life living upon it.

If the greatest wealth in the world is actually distributed between less than one percent of the population then for those few there would be little to gain if it were not for free trade, market and big oil.

The United States has all the resources it needs to take care of itself and yet we depend on other nations for almost all of our food, clothing and practical needs. Survival has become such a powerful entity in our life that we no longer have time to be with ourselves or by ourselves. We have no time to relax and enjoy family, to plant some vegetables and enjoy a sunrise or sunset. While in many third world countries people are being starved and tortured, babies thrown in boiling water and killed simply because others can do it to them without fear of reprimand.

We have lost our balance as a civilized world and we have lost our way as Divine Beings. Everyone has an agenda and almost all believe they are the only righteous ones in Gods eyes.

All wars continue to be about Religion, Resources or Simple insanity. War has no common sense value at all nor does it serve any true Divine Entity. It is always selfish and never selfless except for the warriors dying.

Where is the conscience of the world? When did we quit believing that each and every person has a responsibility to Mother Earth and Nature to honor the life within and upon it?

Depression, sadness and mental illness are becoming a way of life for massive amounts of people. Animals are losing their sense of direction and becoming more violent as humans lead the way. Some species even of insects have just decided to become extinct as they too no longer sense the beauty and love of nature necessary for them to survive.

We as lightworkers have nothing to work with but the Light and Love of the Divine. We are Spiritual warriors fighting always an uphill battle for a place at the table that will allow us to be heard amid the brain jamming devices as well as the brainwashing that accompanies the masses.

Yes we have Nobel Peace Laureates that we adore and appreciate, but by and of themselves, they too must continually battle energies that find them to be a threat to the very core of the negative power structure.

The poles are shifting ladies and gentlemen at an unprecedented rate, see ( ) just as the glaciers are melting., Here are a few other websites to tell you about Solar activity and other Earth Changes as well.

I share these things with you not to frighten you but to educate. Too many of my friends have already quit reading, National Geographic, watching the news or even reading a newspaper, because they feel they are better off just not knowing the truth of the 3D world around them. I do not believe the answers lie in burying my head in the sand.

Human consciousness is strong my friend and every one of us have the potential to change our own consciousness in order to effect the whole.

We must re-program our own thinking, feeling and believing in order to stay on track. There are many beings that have moved into the awareness that they’re energetic beings of consciousness over this past century. Some have chosen to live lives as peaceful warriors away from the fray of the rest. I do not believe this an option for me this lifetime. I believe that we must educate and inspire more and more individuals to find consciousness and learn to use it to change the world happenings.

We as a unit within the Divine Light of Source and all of its Hierarchies and Galactic Brotherhoods have the power to shift the Earth and its inhabitants to a new evolutionary path. We may not be able to stop the devastation that will be wrought by Mother Earth to re-balance herself but we can help her as well all species of life still upon her but we must act daily.

Suggestions for Daily Living:

Teach and share only what you practice yourself.

Recycle and reuse at every opportunity, be the example.

Each day you go outside greet the sky the earth the trees the animals and pay honor to Earth, Air fire and Water, North, East South and West.

Avoid wastefulness.

Change your thoughts to positive thoughts if they tell you negative things.

Do affirmations for the beauty and love you want and need in your life.

Look through anothers eyes before you judge.

Take time to breathe and be with yourself.

Learn to like and love yourself.

Learn to Meditate and discover multi-dimentional thought and knowingness.

Anchor Light and Love each morning and night.

Sample of Affirmations:

I am, I am, I am, a child of the Divine Light
I am, I am, I am, special in my own right
I am, I am, I am, sacred as is all life.

I deserve to free to be me. I am worthy to feel joy and beauty.
I deserve to help others help themselves. I am worthy to love and be loved.
I am open to receive Divine Light and Love always.
I am a soul and spirit light.

I deserve to have abundance in my life on all levels.
I am open to receive.
I am riches and wealth.

I forgive myself for being simply human and recognize that to be human is a great gift and honor.
I appreciate the Divine Light that shines within all life and myself.
I trust in the power of my True Inner Light to guide and protect me.

I am the one true power of light that always resonates with truth.
I am free to be unlimited.
I am unlimited.