One of my true understandings of self.
“The mystic thinks of the Path as the Path to God. He thinks of it generally in terms of his religious or mystical feelings and experiences, his mystical religious beliefs, doctrines, and dogma, his various spiritual practices, the various rituals, all of these to the mystical and devotional type constitute a way of approaching God through belief, a linking in consciousness between the individual man’s belief structure (whether that be Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, or whatever) and that which lies back of all creation. The religious person sees that as the Path of Return, and of course that is perfectly true, it is. But not everybody is religious, and the Path of Return, to the esotericist, is a path which, literally, is made by the disciple himself. The disciple makes the Path by becoming the Path. It is not something which is already laid down and is whispered into your ear. It is not like that at all. It is the evolutionary process itself. It is that same process which brought the fishes out of the sea onto dry land, from which they evolved into, first, reptiles and then mammals and then the huge variety of animals and eventually, at the peak of that development of form, the human kingdom. Above the human kingdom is the Kingdom of Souls, the kingdom whose nature is consciousness. The plane of consciousness is the plane on which the Masters have hitherto worked exclusively. The Path of Return is the Path by which the consciousness of what is and what might be gradually becomes known to the seeker, the evolving individual.”

Planetary Update from Lord Sananda

June 6, 2018 through Athene Raefiel

Greetings children of the Light and May you all be well. Currently the Earth herself has been experiencing great shifts of energetic frequencies bringing about more and more weather changes around your planet. Many people are being displaced from their homes and families due to torrential rains, volcanos, hurricanes and earthquakes.

Much of Earth’s surface is also being re-oriented causing confusion among the animals and plant life. Much in nature is currently in chaos. Though these changes have been taking place for years they have accelerated to a massive and somewhat unforgiven degree.

When Mother Earth is unstable, all upon her is in danger. This brings about feelings of unsafety and disillusionment to those upon her that depend on her for their stability and safety.

Over the next few years people and places will all discover that no one is safe from climate change. How the Earth works is very much like a domino effect and one thing creates and another reacts, it is the natural order of things. It is too late to stop this from happening but not too late to assist in the relevance of adjusting oneself to helping create a new balance for life in the future.

Within the Divine Order of things there are no accidents and Earths current situation has been brought about by many factors including the consciousness of humankind. Believing you to be hopeless and helpless to create a new future and destiny is a lie. You, each of you, are the creators of today and tomorrow.

Your spirituality offers you many tools of advancement and creation for the future. Developing your spirituality is key to the salvation of Mother Earth and her habitants.

Perhaps you ask, “What can I do to fulfill my destiny”? “Why is spiritual development so hard and time consuming, when survival itself takes all that I have?”

Sadly you have choices to make and they are not often comfortable when it comes to this arena.

Learning and accepting the Universal Laws takes time and dedication. Discovering your Divinity and utilizing it to create change takes guts, strength and perseverance. If the minds of humans were not so susceptible to the modern comforts of life perhaps they could see their way clear to advance.

Make no mistake here, no one is asking you to become poor or austere, just to take the time to balance your spirit and human life.

The Universal Teachers are here to help you along, though we cannot and will not do it for you. If we are not saving the Earth from her changes why would you expect us to save you from your own karmic journey of life?

Imagination and wonderment are fantastic tools for growth and development, yet they are being dismissed my many. Children should be full of wonderment; yet when their parents are destitute and the environment desolate, how are they to proceed.

I speak to you of these things today because they are reality and pretending they do not exist is simply insanity. Creating one’s own reality does not mean dismissing what surrounds them as unreal. Creating reality is a beacon of light and hope for others searching for inner truth.

All of you upon your path of awareness and light must continue your journey by sharing what you know to be truth. What you see as truth today may indeed look entirely different tomorrow but it does not make it less valid in the moment.

Walking ones truth is difficult not because of your spirit essence but because of you fears of vanity and acceptance by others. It is not easy to change your awareness and perception when you are surrounded by others who choose to stay where they are, but like that child of wonderment you must go forward and explore all that you can comprehend.

Never judge others and let go of judging yourselves, as judging creates new barriers to overcome along the way. Accept your challenges in life as lessons you need to evolve, heal and overcome. Do not judge others by the challenges they too must face.

Remember that forgiveness is still the most valuable tool you have in your toolbox and appreciate its value in your life. Quit pretending everything is alright when it is not and go to the source, the inner self, to find answers.

We are a part of your soul and spirit consciousness and awareness. When you go to “Inner Self” we are there as well. And when you do not like the answers you find, do not turn to denial; instead discover how to change yourself.

Be In Peace and Love,



You’re Beautiful

You are a child of the Universe. You are wonderful.

Each day when you awaken a beautiful essence is emanated by your being.

You touch the hearts and minds of all those you come in contact with.

You are a flower in a garden of seeds and are developing more color and uniqueness as you grow.


You are an inspiration for others to have vision.

You are the divine and you are light.

Be all that you are each and every moment you breathe.

Be true to yourself and honor the life that you lead.


” Know Thyself.”


We are always using out intuition in a variety of ways. Often I hear “I don’t know why I simply feel this is best.” Or I can’t explain it I just know this is the better thing to do or not.

Our intuition is always turned on yet we fear that what we think we feel might not be right. Developing your intuition is key to sensing spirit vibrations and trusting yourself.

Using a heightened sense of awareness is key to channeling spirit and attuning to these higher frequencies. Spirit often speaks to us though our intuition and awareness, this is different than emotion, yet similar. Intuition is achieved by tapping the silence within and understanding various frequencies; also being able to separate emotion from feeling understanding. To do this it is said “you must get out of your own way,” simply speaking you must not let your thinking  mind and emotional self interfere with the messages received.

Sounds a bit complicated and silly, yet it is the only way to clarity of inner self. Inner self being the refined senses on an inner level. Just as we have the five outer senses so do we have these in an inner level. Just as there are many vibrations throughout the universe and the heavens, so have we such attunements within ourselves that must be developed in order to be used.

Asking spirit to send us a sign is the most popular use of this inner energy. signs come in different forms to different people. A popular sign has become a totem animal as well as signals in sky and clouds. We must all begin with yes and no questions to begin practicing.

Spirits are numerous and often those who have died become disincarnate spirits, we do not want to speaking with “Uncle Bob” and thinking this is an angel or other spirit guide of a more spiritual order.

Practicing automatic writing is an easy and simple way to identify whom you are speaking with.


I love the comments people have left on my blog and articles! If you need to contact me personally with questions please,

e-mail me, thanks!

Hello friends,

Seems that it is a time of racing thoughts; getting ahold of ones own mind is challenging at best. With the acceleration of Universal energies it is hard to ground and stay centered.

We must learn to communicate with ourselves in a manner that brings more peace and harmony into our lives. Yes we can communicate with our own mind and make changes regularly.

We must take and make the time to be with ourselves everyday, while seriously discussing what we want and need to change about our thinking process. Most do not always want to go to therapy to do this, so in some manner we must become our own therapist and healer. Many of you are old souls and understand more than many therapists anyway.

Knowing that we have a variety of feelings and learning to express them in the right words can save much grief. Knowing always that we are a reflection of what we think and speak is a good step to acknowledge. You cannot communicate well with others if you do not communicate well with yourself.

Discuss the good points of self with self as well as what is needed to change. Practice your affirmations for change while teaching your mind a new way of thinking and even interpreting thought.

Speak with yourself as you would to another person and see how you would interpret this objectively, hearing it for the first time.

Check your feelings, do you believe what you are saying or not? Can you trust yourself and thinking?

Know that you are the change in life that will make a difference and quit focusing on being a victim. Stop believing I victimization as a way of life and celebrate the moment.

Be kind to yourself and others.


Message From Gaia

Message from Gaia

Children of Earth,

Your planet cries out to you, do you not hear me?

“Stop the senseless destruction and devastation to me. Every bomb that is set off reverberates though massive layers of earths ground and displaces more and more of my energy. Every bullet that is fired has its own reverberation. Every person, animal or plant that is killed for no reason leaves a gap in the whole of what I am. The complete dismissal of my feeling body is another wound to my being and my heart. The natural order of life no longer exists and as I struggle to repair the damage, more and more is piled upon me. It is as if I do not count at all to your human species of life.’

“Have you forgotten where your food and shelter come from? Have you forgotten the Law of replenishment? Take what you need but give back and restore.”

My oceans are not your dumping grounds nor are they there to test your weaponry. The rubble you create through your wars and hatred cannot be eaten by me. I hunger not for these things. I am a living organism who has been around for many a millennium, I have dealt with Asteroids, Comets, Dinosaurs and other worlds weaponry; but never imagined that which I spawned would seek to destroy me.

Yes much of your kind walked out of the Oceans to be the protectors of Earth not the destroyers.

As you feed your materialism and need to rule, you overlook your most important and valuable asset: me. So many honor me and ask for my help, yet ignore what I need to maintain and restore some semblance of balance, always looking to another planet or star system to live upon in the future.

What you sow shall you also reap. Pretending my message is not of real importance shows your ability to ignore your own smelly waste.

Yes I could send you a wonderful message of hope and encouragement, yet these are the things I need from you right now. Make haste, time is of the essence.

Prayer and Honor to Planet Earth:

Mother Earth, Lady Gaia, I come to you today in humility, trust and love. I beg your forgiveness for the blinders I have put on and choose from this day forward to awaken to your call of need and sustenance. I honor you, I love you, I appreciate all that you bring to me in life.

I am sorry for the destruction of what others have done to you and pray for the strength to assist and replenish you and the life upon you, with everything I have within me. I ask my spirit to assist me in this and honor the spirit of life that you and I are.

Lady Gaia, Mother Earth, please restore and replenish yourself and become strong and whole once again. I ask the other planetary bodies and star systems you are connected with, to come to your aid in this trying time and assist you.

Beloved I am, beloved I am, beloved I am.

An Eclipse Triad

We will be having a triad of Eclipses beginning with a Penumbral Eclipse of the moon on, August 18, 2016 25 degrees Aquarius 52 minutes.

During a partial lunar eclipse, a portion of the Moon’s umbra disk remains within the penumbra of Earth’s shadow while the rest is darkened by the Umbra.

We will have an annular eclipse of the sun, September 1, 2016 9 degrees Virgo 21 minutes.

Annular Eclipses have a “ring of fire”; this occurs when the moon moves in front of the Sun but does not cover the Sun’s disks completely.

September 16, 2016 Another Penumbral Eclipse of the moon, 24 Degrees Pisces 20 minutes.

Eclipses bring about great changes in many ways. It is like putting all the bingo balls in a strainer and turning them around, over and over again. Things begin to get topsy- turvy and there is little control.

They bring massive weather changes around the globe including flooding, fires, winds, hurricanes and so forth. These changes begin weeks before the Eclipses and weeks after, causing a multitude of chaos and disasters. Because we are a product of the Earth, ruled by the Sun and Moon, we too will experience chaos and illness, pain and suffering, as we bounce all over the place.

Emotions will run high and be unstable as well as our mental states may be confusing and OCD.

I will begin with the Eclipse in Aquarius. Aquarius is fixed Air Sign of positive polarity. Ruling planets being Saturn and Uranus; two planets represent Order and Higher or Divine Order.

Our organizational skills will be at the forefront of our changes as well as our spirituality. What do I know and what do I believe? Do they coincide with one another and if not why? And how do I adjust this? This will also be happening on a world scale as well as political scale. Questions will arise concerning security in a big way. Old patterns will crop up once again, even though you may have already dealt with them.

Remember in the physical body we must raise our vibrations often due to the acceleration of the planetary movements and cosmic reactions.

Mars and Saturn play a conjunction dace during the entire period of the three eclipses. Mars has to do with physical health and war, Saturn with Military and structure. This conjunction can be draining on many of us, depending on where it is hitting us in our Natal Charts. Tempers can run high and lots of snapping will occur. Think before speaking, acting and pause before re-acting.

September first we will experience the Solar Eclipse in Virgo. Virgo likes things ordered and resists change, especially unexpected change. Solar Eclipses have to do with the mind and reason; we all know how hard it is to change our minds once we believe something to be right and true.

Eclipses will have the greatest effect on the upcoming elections in all countries. Voters will be tested on their knowledge and understanding of the political arena. Reading up on areas of concern here is advised. The more learned you are in what you are participating in is the best defense against unwarranted actions that bring resentment and regret.

Venus in Libra will help bring heart balance and justice to the forefront.  Be careful and stay grounded as paying attention to detail is imperative. One slight slip while driving or on your phone can be dangerous; pay attention to what is in front of you and try not to wander off.

The first two weeks of September will be challenging as we more directly in the Next Lunar Eclipse September 16, 2016 in Pisces. The sign of Pisces has been hit pretty hard by planetary changes throughout this year. I tend to see Pisces and wishy washy, continual vacillation with little resolve. By the time we hit this point we will already have been through trials of Water, fire, Air and Earth; we will be rung out, tired and weary, just wanting any kind of normalcy to return.

Remember everything you have just learned and decided and be aware of what you change or throw away now, simply because you feel drained.

Much change has occurred and you need to rest and re-group. Telling yourself there is no time for this is just rude. You are a multidimensional being who has just been through a major soul, body and Spirit cleansing; restoration is imperative.

Because the energies are so volatile and ungrounded during the Eclipses many feel that they are not hearing or communing with their guidance. In reality it is simply the static noise that has temporarily distorted the frequencies. This will all be re-adjusted in short order. You are not in charge of everything so try not to overload too much. You are in charge of how you feel about everything, but that is all.

Blessings and Goodness always,


Children of the light,

As you begin this new chapter in your life’s journey you will notice more and more the assistance of the Universe in your day to day life. As teachers of light, who are we and what do we do? We are your spiritual family; Spirit Guides, Archangels and Ascended Teachers of light who have been with you in soul since your incarnation as soul.

The biggest question we hear from you is why did I come into this existence, and why now?

Now, in this powerful millennium there is massive and accelerated growth and development for humans and your planetary System. Only the pure of heart shall succeed in achieving their greatest potential during this incarnation. Staying positive and focused is still most challenging for the many. Addressing the energies as they sway and infiltrate as well as illuminate, using discernment to decipher the good from the bad is the task at hand.

Since in truth all is simply development, the greatest challenge you must master is indeed the self. Finding and becoming the Authentic Natural self and pushing forward.

You find fear to be the enemy not because it is bad but simply because it is being used to control and destroy rather than serve the purpose of alerting to danger. Yes fear can be healthy when put into context, yet so few understand how to use it, rather than it using them. So much and so many fear that fears power becomes stronger by the day. What are you afraid of; the future, the past, the present? Perhaps fear itself? To become the strong warrior that you are, you must identify and confront your fear. There is no other way to become free and alive.

Ultimately it is the child within each of you who has learned about and attached to fear that must change its understanding of it. Fear can and does often paralyze through its power to hold you in its arms. Fear is simply a word, energy necessary to forewarn and protect, not encompass and incarcerate the human being that you are.

The greatest tool you have to consume and transmute fear is Love. As St. Germain shares such a wonderful gift of The Violet Flame of Transformation to assist, we find little reason for fear to have its strong potency in your daily lives.

As sentient feeling humans, letting go is the most challenging of tasks you will face in life. Learning to transmute the fear that binds you creates a place for more and more love to dwell, inside and out. This long forgotten use of love to replace all dysfunction in life is the goal.

What is love?  Why each and every one of you are love. It is the expression of love that you are and emanate that transcends all other things. Love is essence and energy of all life, seen or unseen, it is eternal. It is the food of the soul contained within and shared through the spirit and physical essence that you are. Too little love and kindness in the world presents the greatest destruction to the planet and all of her species. Yes love presents potent danger to the darkness as it is in innocence that you find and become love once again.



Invocation to love.

I call the power and essence of Love. I call to my own spirit essence.

I call to the great beings and powers of Love that unite to assist us all.

I anchor love in every way and honor the energy and light it holds.

I share the energy and essence of my love and connect it with all other love.

Mighty beings of love and light hear me now. Align my energies with yours and allow your child to assist in the journey and recognition of the highest love available.

Beloved I am, Beloved I am, Beloved I am.


You were born of and as love in your original state of spirit, mind, body and soul. It is to this state of origin that your soul adheres, and must return to transcend the various planes of consciousness. Would you be happy to remain in the state of being that dictates depression and fear? Could you enjoy little or no development and growth in life? The way of life must be to move beyond that which is the accepted illusion of living.

This is done by unlocking the mysteries of life that lie within and choosing to remove the layers of pain and sadness that have haunted you for so long.

As physical beings it is necessary to have a balance in life between both the Conditional and Unconditional Love within for true awareness and understanding to take place. The Divine element that you are thrives on the Unconditional love to be the I Am; the physical being thrives on the conditional love of needing to be needed. When we feel needed we glow with delight and bathe in accomplishment. When we accept ourselves unconditionally we begin to accept our flaws as the perfections we are healing into.

You will find that all things in the Universe are paradox. Knowing this will help you discern truth and discover that there is really no right or wrong, in each and every moment all is a matter of perception.

Through this awareness you will begin to understand self and forgive others. Most importantly you will release the need to judge.  Through this realization you will grow and develop on all levels of self.

Finding and sustaining peace in life is attainable only through hard work and dedication to discovery of truth and Love.

Many Blessings of Love,

Archangel Raphael


Crossing Over Archangel Raphael

Crossing Over

Through Athene Raefiel


Ever wonder what happens after you leave this world and enter the next? Wonder no more; Archangel Raphael has offered some important information for the future of your being.

When someone dies there is a process to which they must adhere before entering into a state of blissful consciousness and peace. This process involves the Soul and the Astral Self.

When hearing someone speak of seeing the soul leave another’s’ body, what they are actually seeing is the Astral body of that individual. Few make the distinction between the astral and soul, as few really seek to enlighten themselves to these teachings. Death often referred to as a great Mystery of the Universe, yet there is no greater mystery than life itself. I say this as Death is part of life and so life part of death, or the great transitions within soul.

When leaving the physical world due to dying, you immediately enter the Astral body. This vehicle of time and travel is extensive and whether you choose to be aware of it or not and has been actively participating throughout your lifetime. The astral is a vast plane of reality and consciousness that is always connected to and part of your soul.

The astral plane is not now nor ever has been separate from the physical for it indeed is a transmission plane through which all out of body experiences are lived and experienced before moving beyond.

Often meditation and an altered state of consciousness allow the individual to enter and explore the many dimensions of the astral plane. In this awesome plane of existence beings and teachers of light such as the Angels and Spirit guides can be met with and utilized within your own individual consciousness.

Other things such as the heavenly colors and passages of illumination can be found here. When exploring such awesome beauty and light many assume this to be heaven. I may say that it is one of the many heavens you can experience after death and while still in the physical, but only one.

Upon entering the astral plane many become quite frightened and try to flee back to the physical. In doing so they only prolong the after death process, but the rules for dimensional travel still allow the free will to choose its behavior. Oh yes, as in all life, death also has its rules of travel and experience.

The more one has meditated and studied the art of trance the greater the possibilities of faster promotion once they have died the physical death. For them, traveling the realms of awareness and illumination are already the discipline they have placed upon themselves, helping to guarantee a vast and harmonious transition into the life awaiting them.

For those who have had no formal training in the correct art of prayer and meditation it is unlike anything they could have imagined. The first step for all is the acceptance of the fact they are no longer in the physical. For the unenlightened this seems to be the hardest step of all as they fear being out of body to begin with. For these souls it will take longer to reach the heavenly planes of the Astral to experience and learn what they are as soul.

Since time no longer exists the same way on the other side as it does here, these beings can linger for centuries before deciding to take an alternative route to the life that lies ahead. They are known to you as disincarnate beings or ghosts. Their fear or shame is blocking them much the same way it did in the physical.

The tunnel of the Astral light still awaits them but will not interfere with their choice.

For those who have been extremely religious and choose immediately to enter the Light, whatever teacher or being they have believed in will be there to greet them on the other end of the tunnel. It will be a fabulous experience and the beginning of the true journey into the afterlife.

For the enlightened many, the experience will be similar yet different, as they will be ushered to entire different places to explore the journey and purpose of the afterlife. So you see indeed, death has as many doorways of life once entered into and no two individuals will experience it the same way.

Let me speak now of the most common of those. Once through the tunnel and united with the Archetype most familiar to them they will then immediately see all others that are familiar to them that have crossed. It is not exactly like a homecoming as many on the other side have still not resolved their differences. All of this will come to light  one second of your time here, seeing it all at once can be quite shocking to the individual; as it is like a life review in fast forward. The emotions and attachments here will determine where the individual will go next.

This experience is often referred to as the dream time or dream tunnel experience. Seeing your entire life flash before your eyes can be quite disconcerting when realizing how much has been left undone. After this experience you and the Spirit Helpers with you will sit down and plot a plan of action.

It is at this juncture that the individual and they’re soul choosing a journey of restitution to right the wrongs left between themselves and others. Lots of forgiveness lay ahead and some will not wish to enter such a journey. Their reasoning being that they don’t need nor deserve such action now that the physical is over.

Others will be so attached to those they love in the physical that they will choose to wait for other family members to join them before making any kind of decision to move on; and still others will insist on getting to work as soon as possible.

The misconceptions that once you die you automatically are forgiven for all errors are erroneous. You as the creator have chosen to have these attachments and agreements therefore only you can heal and transmute what are your creations.

Too often physical beings assume that they have a godhead greater than themselves that will magically fix everything one they are deceased. This is nonsense. As you live so shall you die, and how you die so shall you live, no matter what plane of existence you inhabit.

Though humans prescribe too many deities as their salvation there is but one journey and one journey alone to other side after death.

What of Heaven and Hell you may ask. Well I am getting to that, as what you choose after travelling through the great chamber of life will determine the type of consciousness you will dwell within for some time. It will be your own need to torture yourself or others that will determine your penance.

Once the choices have been made at this juncture many choose to dwell in settings much the same as they did in the physical realm, often only waiting to return to the physical once again. Some choose to sleep for an eternity and they too have a place and sleep with the millions. Here there are an assigned number of Spirit Helpers who care for them in case they choose to awaken. And others will have to experience the lower astral level of demons and ugliness.

Those brave souls that choose to move forward will begin a great journey of enlightenment and soul memory, leading them to the freedom of love and bliss. Of this journey I will not expound as it is as individual, as it is powerfully special. Here the climb to true attainment begins and will become eternal, even when and if they return to physical.

What happens to the more enlightened when they too cross over? The beginning process of entering in the tunnel of the astral light is the same for all when leaving this dimension, yet what occurs after they arrive is somewhat different.

All are subject to laws of karma whether in life of afterlife. When they are met by their Spirit Guides on the other side they are taken to the same dream state as the others and decisions will be made about any needed adjustments within the Karmic Realm. Once these have been adjusted there are many planes of consciousness within which the soul can dwell and operate.

Most of these beings have already left this world understanding themselves to be in service of the higher orders. Therefore it will be decided where the best fit is for them to help. The hierarchy is a vast expanse far beyond human comprehension therefore there are many different positions open to those already aware on their path of eternity.

Just as the sands of the Earth, so are the many places to explore and experience in the lives between lives. The vastness of this journey cannot be put into physical words, nor definition, as no such experiences can be had in the physical. The causal plane, celestial plane, and all other heavenly planes are merely the existence of and understanding of a variety of energies. This is the closest I can get to an explanation.

We the angels dwell in what is known as the Angelic Realm. This realm has such a massive number of dimensions that they cannot be counted, just as the many other realms of light and intelligence.

Peoples rational have held them prisoner in the physical for eons of time. This is a choice made out of ignorance and denial of the realities that lie beyond.

Though so many proclaim this to be their last physical lifetime, the work needed to accomplish this is massive and few dare to challenge themselves enough to stay the course.

The thought of dying and ascending in the light with all God’s forgiveness is a wonderful thought, but even more wonderful is presently living heaven on earth.


Cosmic Movement

Wow what a power packed few months we are moving through. July, August and September 2015 has all been about the moon and the role she plays in the affairs of the planet and mankind. Yes as the lunar influences are about emotions running high in every aspect and corner of life, the energies of the Universe are working within each Zodiacal sign to bring up as much hidden depth as possible. It is time to come to terms with who you are as an individual as well as where you fit in the collective.

While we are heading into the September 2015 Eclipses; Partial eclipse of the Sun, September 13, 2015 in Virgo, and the total Eclipse of the moon, September 28th in Aries (also known as The fourth Blood Moon), it is definitely a time of hold onto your seats, we are in for a great ride as we experience massive changes in the Earths tides.

Well how do we feel about all of this? Crazy and absolutely insane about covers it.

I call this a mirror time as everything seems to be a reflection of times gone by. Individually we will see reflections of ourselves in all those around us. We will see into similar dimensions where we have come from as to where we are now. We will be working on overcoming our judgements of others as we realize they are experiencing the very same things we have already surpassed.

We will realize that we have many parts of self and we will see how fragmented and integrated we are, or are not. This will allow us to understand what steps we are taking to move forward and what baggage we still carry needing to be integrated.

We will experience loss of time, as our immediate thoughts will be whisked away as quickly as they came. It will be hard to stay focused in the mundane day to day life and our feelings and thoughts will and can change radically from one minute to the next. A sense of needing to be grounded will be prevalent, yet finding what to ground to within or without will be elusive.

I believe we call this feeling scattered. The more parts of self that still remain unintegrated will have you feeling all over the place while questioning your very knowingness in life. Believe it or not this is an extremely powerful time of self-healing and prayer work.

To use prayer effectively we must understand how and who to pray with and though. Since it is Divine light that we pray to we must be in touch with our own spirit or higher self. It is through understanding the spirit essence that we are that we connect to all other spirit life.

Asking Archangels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel to assist us we can connect to and with all other angels. Asking St. Germaine and the violet flame to help and assist us puts us in contact with all other Ascended Masters. Asking Lord Ashtar and his command to assist us puts us in contact with the Galactic brotherhood and our brothers and sisters from various planetary systems.

For you to see what kind of a powder-keg we are sitting on I have listed a few recent Earth Changes. This will help you put in perspective how volatile the current energies are.


A few recent Earth Changes

Aug.25th 2015

The state of Washington, in the North-west of the United States, is battling its largest wildfire on record.

The flames have devoured more than 1,000 square kilometers of land so far, burning over 200 homes and now threatening thousands more.

Dozens of wildfires are currently roaring across parts of the west of the United States, including in California, Oregon and Idaho.

Firefighters from Australia and New Zealand have volunteered to help the 32,000 US crews already in the field.
Kerry Sheridan
Thu, 20 Aug 2015 07:32 UT

The world broke new heat records in July, marking the hottest month in history and the warmest first seven months of the year since modern record-keeping began in 1880, US authorities said Thursday.
Bob Moffiett
Wed, 19 Aug 2015 21:00 UTC

Scientists at the Nevada Seismological Laboratory say there has been a “swarm” of more than 5700 earthquakes in northwestern Nevada since last July. They include 21 4.0 temblors.

In 2008, the community of Mogul, west of Reno, also experienced an earthquake swarm.

Graham Kent is Director of the lab on the University of Nevada-Reno campus. He says the number of tremors in that swarm pales in comparison to this one.

“A magnitude 5.0 was the largest and a couple fours’s and a bunch of three’s and you look back at it and go ‘wow!’ that was hardly anything.”

Kent said this kind of seismic activity is rare anywhere. He says the location of the swarm, which is below an antelope preserve, makes it a perfect place to study earthquake behavior.

“This is a great petri dish. So, now we have this kind of gold-medal swarm going and it doesn’t affect a lot of people. So, what we can learn from this, hopefully we can apply the next time there’s a swarm underneath a community.”

More than 200 quakes 3.0 and stronger have been measured in the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge since last July.
Tue, 25 Aug 2015 20:16 UTC

Hundreds of birds are washing ashore either dead or dying along the Oregon and Southwest Washington Coast.

The majority of them are common murres, which are a type of large auk bird.

Researchers say that the die-off started about three weeks ago.

Since then the Wildlife Center of the North Coast, which helps rehabilitate sick or injured sea-birds, has been getting calls daily about the problem. Right now – they are caring for close to a hundred birds- with about ten common murres coming in daily. Almost all of them are starving.

“They’re totally emaciated, sometimes there’s injuries, other times there’s not,” said Laurel Berblinger, a volunteer at the center.

Tue, 25 Aug 2015 16:34 UTC

The death of 30 whales off the coast of Alaska may be linked to a rapid growth of toxic phytoplankton in the local marine environment that can paralyze as well as kill, a University of Alaska scientist told RT.

While a federal investigation has been opened into the giant mammals’ mysterious demise – a situation that’s been labeled an “unusual mortality event” – one of the leading theories is that an algal bloom is to blame, as they have been the cause of many similar events in the past.

“It’s a bloom of phytoplankton in the ocean that actually releases toxins,” Dr. Bree Witteveen, a marine mammal specialist at the University of Alaska, told RT. “Those get accumulated into various preys and it works its way up the food chain, and can cause paralysis and death.”

She added that these whales were not beaching themselves, but had died at sea and were washed ashore. It’s not exactly surprising for dead whales to wash ashore, but the number of instances recorded this year is particularly unusual.

Daily Sabah
Mon, 24 Aug 2015 18:47 UTC

Seven people were killed, 17 were injured and three were lost in floods and mudslides in Turkey’s northeastern province of Artvin, the province’s governor Kemal Cirit said on Monday.

Kemal Cirit said, one of the lost was a child, and the rescue teams are currently trying to reach the other two.

“Since 12 p.m. today [Monday], our coastal regions, especially Hopa, have received a lot of rain. This terriantial rain has caused mudslides, and 8 people lost their lives in the center of Hopa and its three villages,” Cirit had told a private news channel.

But talking at the governorate’s press meeting later on the evening, Cirit stated that seven people-not eight- had died in the floods and three had gone missing. The governor also said that 17 people were injured, five of whom were transferred to Rize State hospital.

The Peninsula (Qatar)
Mon, 24 Aug 2015 16:56 UTC

The ready to harvest major and minor crops, including cotton, paddy, chilly and vegetables worth almost Rs85bn ($0.85bn) have been completely washed out by the rain and floods in Sindh, an official of Sindh Abadgar Board said yesterday.

“Almost all the summer crops planted on 2.1 million acres of riverine land on two sides of the Indus River were ready for the harvest,” the president of Sindh Abadgar Board Abdul Majeed Nizamani told, adding that rains and floods wiped out the standing crops completely.

The average value of the washed out crops comes to around Rs40,000 acre, which brings the total cost to around Rs85bn.

A part of the crops planted on mainstream agriculture lands in the province have also been impacted, the farmers added.

The farmers in the province grow cotton at an estimated area of 1.8 million acre, paddy at 1.8 to two million acres and sugarcane at an area of 400,000 to 450,000 acre.


For those of us blessed enough to be living in regions of the world where we are rarely devastated by these types of changes we should be in gratitude. Every day that we are not subject to such turmoil, we are simply lucky to be alive as the Earth is retching and twirling to find a new harmony and balance for herself.

All, in our Metaphysical teachings, speak to finding harmony and balance within ourselves that allow us freedom from the mundane and ascendance to greater evolved planes of consciousness. Content to live in the physical mundane realm of consciousness is akin to suicide. For as the wheel of life evolves, so must we, if we do not wish to be thrown off.

When thrown from the wheel we experience what is called “a fall from grace”. This includes moving back to the place where life is veiled.

When life is veiled we base our perceptions on realities that carry the fear of death and hopelessness to the nth degree. In such realties we base our very existence and survival in the world seen around us and we perceive fear to be the mainstay of our being. This makes for a lonely and unfulfilled life of existence rather than participation.

When we participate in our own life we begin to understand how to be present and in the moment. Being present we discover that all life is one and connected, we now experience ourselves as being all life. Here in this present moment we learn to perceive a different more potent understanding of the “all” within that we are. Here we understand the oneness of past, present and future. In this oneness we discover the keys to true enlightenment and the journey that lies ahead.

If we stay stuck in the massive energetic shifts surrounding us and the world, we participate in the destruction of the planet and her peoples. We must move beyond these energetic frequencies if we are to survive and help others ascend the planes of matter. Doing so is how we become the creator thereby creating a more sustainable reality for those who come behind.

We cannot save the world from itself so we must free ourselves of the conditions we have accepted as truth and move on. The earth changes now taking place were foretold to us many years ago in the hopes that we would heed the words and change direction to avoid them. The many chose to stay stuck in the dark realities that lead to the consumption of humankind and its planet Earth, also called materialism. Due to this fact the many reign the greatest powers over the Earth and its species. We are now seeing what comes from remaining in the lower consciousness.

I am human being doing the dance of life as best I can under the restrictions of the reigning powers. I cannot change the world but I can change myself. My studies have taught me that if enough were of the true desire to change, they could also change the many. That change would be for the betterment of this planet and all of her inhabitants. It is a tall order, I know; yet only through our awareness and understanding can we rescue the few from the many.

Planet Earth is now in the process of change that cannot be turned back. In order to help her help herself we must have the means and opportunity to do so. If we do not have the experience of doing it our self how can we do it for others? We cannot! Therefore we must be the way showers not the status quo.

For each of us this lifetime is an opportunity to overcome the status quo and stand in the reality that all life is one. This we do not do through sympathy but through understanding how we and all are light.


2005 Channeling


We know it has been a time of great transition for you and Mother Earth recently and are here to hearten the journey with a heralding of good news. Due to the polarities shifting and the massive changes that are occurring in the core of the Earth, there are many more star gates opening this year and next. We refer to these star-gates as the gateways of heaven. We do so, as even those of you who see them as planetary alignments understand that there are dimensional shifts in the frequencies when such events occur. These inner-dimensional shifts are synchronized between the light anchors, crystalline gridlines, high power points of Earth, as well as the many heavenly spirits that assist Earth and her inhabitants. Due to the great energies now at inter-play with one another in your Earth dimension and also in the many heavens surrounding your solar system, we find that the Divine Plan set into play during the fall of Atlantis is now unfolding to correct and re-stabilize you solar systems’ frequencies allowing them to once again synchronize with the original intent of Earth and its habitation.

There has always been a destiny for Mother Earth. Her inhabitants being from many star systems and unrelated galaxies have had energetic power over Earth and her inhabitants since the fall of Atlantis. The recent, current, and future shifts, taking place in this new millennium, will bring a balance back to Earth and her inhabitants that has been gone for hundreds of thousands of years. This balance will also associate itself with your current star system and galaxy, as well as with other star systems and galaxies it exchanged energies with, previous to Atlantis.

We tell you this as many of you have been asking us when the senseless killing, rage, anger and poverty, are all going to end. Since we can only tell you that the shifts already made have put things into alignment for the transference and transmigration of souls, we cannot give you an exact human timeline. We can share with you though, that there are those among you who have now completed their part of the agreed to contract with us their heavenly brothers, to move the energies of the planet back to this original course.

All of you know, that all things imminently return to their origins to begin anew. This you can see in your own individual cycles of life as you find yourselves dealing with the same issues and patterns within self that you thought you had overcome and healed. The patterns of mankind, planet Earth, her species and the heavens are also subject to the same cycles.

The Brotherhoods of Light that have been assisting the soul groups who have been around since before the fall of Atlantis are made up of many Star Brothers and Sisters as well as Divine Spirits.

One need not be out of body to be a spirit, and one need not think they can become Divine simply through becoming a spirit. There is a spirit that dwells within each and every soul. All are collective as well as individual. Many of you have discovered this truth in your current incarnation. All spirit is connected, even though all spirit does not serve nor honor the same energies. Divine energy is different from that of the human spirit and will continue to be so until humans understand how to associate their spirit with the Divine Light.

We speak with you today, for many soul contracts are currently being fulfilled and many of you are questioning your service and roles within the Universe and Divine Hierarchy. We say to you be patient, although you may not yet understand the implications of what we are telling you in the immediate now, by this time next year all will be very clear and apparent to all of the souls completing their original contracts and missions.

Some of you feel lost and confused by the fact that you have worked so hard and long to accomplish what you have known to be your mission. Many of you believe you still need to be attached to us and your long ago agreed to missions. Unto you we say, there is a time for all things to conclude and begin anew and now is that time. The cyclic process and magnetic poles of Earth are shifting once again. The gates of heavenly energy are once again streaming freely into the core of the Earth and all other levels of life as well. Though the appearance of daily life may seem agitated and unfamiliar, it is only what is on the outside that creates such an appearance. Be not deceived by what you see on the outside and continue to trust only that which you know through your meditations and your Higher Sprit Essence.

The fact that we are not currently calling upon you to perform the same duties as before is that you have succeeded in anchoring the main power points of Earth and her crystalline grids to their original forms. This anchoring may appear to be bring catastrophic results in climactic change and the environment, yet ultimately the shifts will bring Earth’s polarity back to a new anagram from which she and her inhabitants can renew and start again.

Let yourselves celebrate this new beginning as a creation made from the highest principle of love and honor. Though you may feel that you are still tying up loose ends in your personal lives, know that this is also true within the collective. There will always be work to be done within the self, just there will always be freedom of spirit to experience and evolve within. No longer does spiritual evolution need to be a chore or a job. Now your spiritual evolution should be flowing and filled with joy. You are Divine Flow just as we are Divine Flow. This interception and exchange of magnetic energy, for the first time in a hundred thousand years, allow for Earth and her sister planets to once again flow freely with the Divine. Be proud, as it is due to the diligence and perseverance of those who have had multiple incarnations on your planet and with a renewed spirit that has brought this great feat about.

Remember always, that time is your friend, and although you may age and die in this incarnation, what you have attained for the many who will live in the future, is an eternal life of youth and energy that can be lived simultaneously within several dimensions of self and light all at once.

Yes we honor you and the massive work you had set upon yourselves to do. Though many of you see karma as a punishment of some kind, it is truly simply a commitment made to ones own soul and the soul of the collective.

Search within yourselves for the answers to your own questions. Be at peace with whom you are and choose to create that which you desire because of your own inner knowing. Be not afraid to play and enjoy your life. Caress and hold each moment from this day forward as precious. We neither ask nor need anything from you in this moment other than you understand that we are in and with you always. We are one within all and all within the one.

May your life be blessed with the Light of the Divine Spirit you yourself have found and may you all learn to be kind to yourselves. To battle oneself is a waste of precious time and energy. It is to create worry and uncertainty. Be certain of this one thing always, and that is that we love you.

We send you our gratitude and hope for all your trials and congratulate you on an awesome job well done.

The Divine Councils of Light


There are:

Seven Planes of Existence

Seven Heavens Beyond

Seven Strains of Man

Seven Levels of Consciousness

Seven Root Races

Seven Solar Systems

These are the areas of learning and education that every individual on their spiritual path need to learn about in order to ascend the physical in this lifetime.