Message From Athene

Message from Athene:


Want to know what your guides are saying? Then listen! Because most of what they will tell you already knew, just didn’t know you knew.

We all have spirit guides some are just at a higher or more spiritual height of awareness than others; just like people. We need to raise our vibrations and frequencies to relate to Angels and Ascended Masters.

This may not be the lifetime for you to do it; don’t beat yourself up. Spending a lot of time in the higher frequencies where they communicate can be quite draining. In many ways it is unnatural for us. Those of us that do it feel called to do so. It is a mission and part of our healing karma.

You are in tune with your own spirit first and always. If this is not so you are not hearing your guides but perhaps a dead Uncle or Aunt wanting to be of help.

Be Aware; you must always be in a state of truth and light to reach those of truth and loving light. Be unafraid but aware of the difference between what is of love and what is not.

Discernment is a must. Continually develop your intuition!




Hello friends,

My opinion is here stated about the crimes against humanity perpetrated by the US of America.

The new Tax Bill that makes the rich richer and poor poorer;

Any law allowing immigrant children to be separated from their parents;

Any law arresting or punishing people for being homeless and poor;

Any blind eye to the fact that there are at least 55,000 people homeless in the USA;

Not providing adequate Social Service to those in need.

Throwing out paper towels to the Puerto Rican people who had Hurricane devastation;

Finding no common ground for the good of the many;

Not providing adequate health insurance for everyone, equating to who lives and who dies.

Making enemies of other countries just because we can;

Not separating church and state.

Allowing guns on the streets;

Teaching prejudice,

I take pride in my being but feel much shame for the US.

My solution; throw out the Government and start over.

Compassion is apparently a learned response, all need to learn it.

Blessings, Athene

People are searching for purpose and reason to go forward in life. When there is no inspiration a type of sadness and tiredness exist, making you feel listful and kind of lost.

We must remember we are in charge of how we feel everyday when we awaken. To plant the seeds of tomorrow in the brain before going to sleep helps us to create. When we awaken we discover that the old thoughts and feelings pervade and we must then immediately take charge of our thought process and feelings. Meditation is one method and changing our thought process is another.

Use Affirmations every morning if need be and also throughout the day .

” I feel energized and ready for the day. ” I accept the joy flowing into my body and mind completely. I choose abundance in everything I say and do. Today is my bright day.”

It isn’t easy to maintain a good attitude all day long, but it is better to catch yourself sliding into the sorrowful mundane life of all those around you.

Listen to others attentively but do not feel their feelings, stop and wait to answer or engage when you feel it will be damaging.

Trusting oneself is not easy, as we are humans, but better to trust yourself than anyone else you meet.

Trusting is one of those important attributes we all need. Acting confident is better than acting like a victim.

Be yourself, but be the self you want to be.

Soltice energies

As we approach the Summer Solstice we are experiencing a wide variety of energies. Sometimes minutes feel like hours and the days just feel a lot longer. (Of course they are.) Hours seem to pass very quickly and other times more slowly. Lots of life revue going and just an impending feeling of big changes ahead.

As mother Earth continues her journey to cleanse and balance herself, so do we feel that same energy. Time to clean up our acts and quit trying to shut out what makes us uncomfortable.

Yes we are so programmed in this life to put our feelings and memories on the back burner due to work, family and other engagements we find more important.

I was wondering the other day why my energies have become so blessed and balanced compared to the world’s current energy. I realized that there is so much work to be done on in inner level that most people feel there is no real reason to do it. It is hard, complicated and time consuming, who wants to take that time out of their daily dysfunctional lives to truly heal themselves?

Believe me there is much to do! Starting with your inner self, past lives, this life and even future lives, where are you going when you leave this body.

Do you truly not see the layers of crap that must be worked through and removed to set you free to become a secure and balanced individual? Or are you so blinded by the modern toys and gadgets of life , thinking these give you self importance? what about the future of your children and the planet? Is this too hard to think about?

Generations have passed since I came into this lifetime and I can say firsthand that becoming a free spirit is worth all the time and effort put in.

I have watched and seen to  much destruction and devastation to not want to change.

Be blessed and get to work.

Staying Positive

“My feet hurt, I’m tired and overworked, I still have to deal with the children and dinner.” ” I am positively tired of trying to be positive.”

Do these things sound familiar to you? This is generally everyday life for so many of us.

Working on getting and remaining positive with yourself often seems like just one more chore you probably don’t want to do.

We often have to create positive thoughts and affirmations to continually remind ourselves how to do it. What we are actually accomplishing by doing this is a re-program of our own thinking and speaking process. It is neither simple or easy, yet has great rewards when you stick to it.

Thinking positive literally changes and charges the energy in and around you. Stop saying “I can’t” , knowing you do it out of  habit. This may sound silly at first but it definitely changes things within you and your life.

Affirmations to use:

“I am filled with life’s energy and love.”

“I am free to be happy and enjoy my daily life.”

“I receive all the energy I need to re-charge and go forward.”

To remain positive you must speak with yourself on a regular basis correcting you thought process. Start using phrases that begin with “I choose”

To lead a positive life you must learn to think before you act and re-act.

Stop being sorry all the time. You are human and that’s what makes you glorious. What you do not like about yourself change, by changing yourself all things around you will also follow.

Meditate, do yoga, stretching exercises and create and enjoy time alone.

Learn to like you!

June 12 2018

We have had a fairly stable year so far as the planets have been a lot kinder than through most of 2017. It has been calmer in many ways yet the anxiety still running very high.

Upcoming on June 21st we will have the Summer Solstice and we will have a set of Eclipses upcoming in July 2018. Don’t forget to light some candles, do some sort of ceremony, and of course prayers for the planet.

” Heavenly Beings of Light and Love bring your energies and your love, help mother Earth to find balance and calm through this time of great transformation and change. Help the enlightened to enlighten others and keep the Eternal flame burning throughout our Great Planet. Help the Oceans heal and cleanse with little damage to other life. Calm the fires and winds this year help the people near them to heal. Gently aid the earthquakes, tornadoes and volcanoes to find balance and harmony within the Earth and save human life from inhumane experience. Teachers and Angels of light we know you are here and work with us daily. Help up to heal and hear the energies speak with us, help us take time to be real.”

Why do we pray and is anyone listening?

If not for prayer and hope all is listless. Dreamers must dream, creators must create and all of us must learn love in all its aspects.

Love is still the greatest healer that we have, use it.


Soul is like a massive computer that holds all of your memories as well as the collective. Soul is impressive once you log into it and type in your commands there are no questions you cannot find answers to.

Knowing how to tap into soul memory is an awakening like no other. Here you can discover past lives and memories of other heavenly lives and bodies. Within soul you can journey anywhere geographically as well as esoterically.

To tap soul you must be able to meditate, it is within the realms of trance through meditation you can unlock key memories as well as the answers to the Universe you seek.

All beings also can be explored and connected through soul. Is soul and Higher Self the same? Almost.

Soul is the intermediary between physical and spiritual. Soul is the vehicle by which you travel lifetime to lifetime as well as in between lives. This vehicle is connected to all other soul and the Collective.

Some call soul the Christ Consciousness and because we all perceive things in an individual manner often the explanations will vary.

Just as when you see an aura or energy being emitted around a plant or animal, each will vary in the description of what they see.

Soul and spirit being energy, to describe it to another is difficult because you see through your feeling eyes, not your physical eyes. You experience soul through your understanding self and awareness, there is no other way.

Energetic Frequencies

The energies fluctuate daily and often many times during the day. The more sensitively aware you are the more impact they have. wondering why you feel one way and then another, we sometimes think we are the only ones sensing these fluctuations. Everyone is experiencing them but few recognize it to be thus.

I meet people all of the time who think they have medical problems simply because they feel these fluctuations and can find no other cause. Of course we all run to the medicine cabinet to find some relief or perhaps even the Dr.’s office.

If you go to the doctor enough they will find a diagnosis for whatever it is but they do not take the vibrations and fluctuations into consideration. Often a doctor will find nothing to be medically wrong. I have experienced this first hand continually with an MD and realized that what I am experiencing has no medical diagnosis. They often even tell me I am dying from some weird thing nobody ever heard of.

Fortunately I know my body pretty well and also know that I must have balance in my Mind, Body and Soul, to overcome doctors diagnosing. now I know that there are medical things we all have to deal with, but if we don’t do the emotional and mental cleansing necessary, it matters not what we believe.

Speak with your body and identify any  of the places you feel are misaligned, then decide what care to give yourself. Believe it or not most people can correct what’s wrong by changing diet, exercise and proper thinking.

Meditate as well and spend time relaxing and laughing.

One of my true understandings of self.
“The mystic thinks of the Path as the Path to God. He thinks of it generally in terms of his religious or mystical feelings and experiences, his mystical religious beliefs, doctrines, and dogma, his various spiritual practices, the various rituals, all of these to the mystical and devotional type constitute a way of approaching God through belief, a linking in consciousness between the individual man’s belief structure (whether that be Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, or whatever) and that which lies back of all creation. The religious person sees that as the Path of Return, and of course that is perfectly true, it is. But not everybody is religious, and the Path of Return, to the esotericist, is a path which, literally, is made by the disciple himself. The disciple makes the Path by becoming the Path. It is not something which is already laid down and is whispered into your ear. It is not like that at all. It is the evolutionary process itself. It is that same process which brought the fishes out of the sea onto dry land, from which they evolved into, first, reptiles and then mammals and then the huge variety of animals and eventually, at the peak of that development of form, the human kingdom. Above the human kingdom is the Kingdom of Souls, the kingdom whose nature is consciousness. The plane of consciousness is the plane on which the Masters have hitherto worked exclusively. The Path of Return is the Path by which the consciousness of what is and what might be gradually becomes known to the seeker, the evolving individual.”

Planetary Update from Lord Sananda

June 6, 2018 through Athene Raefiel

Greetings children of the Light and May you all be well. Currently the Earth herself has been experiencing great shifts of energetic frequencies bringing about more and more weather changes around your planet. Many people are being displaced from their homes and families due to torrential rains, volcanos, hurricanes and earthquakes.

Much of Earth’s surface is also being re-oriented causing confusion among the animals and plant life. Much in nature is currently in chaos. Though these changes have been taking place for years they have accelerated to a massive and somewhat unforgiven degree.

When Mother Earth is unstable, all upon her is in danger. This brings about feelings of unsafety and disillusionment to those upon her that depend on her for their stability and safety.

Over the next few years people and places will all discover that no one is safe from climate change. How the Earth works is very much like a domino effect and one thing creates and another reacts, it is the natural order of things. It is too late to stop this from happening but not too late to assist in the relevance of adjusting oneself to helping create a new balance for life in the future.

Within the Divine Order of things there are no accidents and Earths current situation has been brought about by many factors including the consciousness of humankind. Believing you to be hopeless and helpless to create a new future and destiny is a lie. You, each of you, are the creators of today and tomorrow.

Your spirituality offers you many tools of advancement and creation for the future. Developing your spirituality is key to the salvation of Mother Earth and her habitants.

Perhaps you ask, “What can I do to fulfill my destiny”? “Why is spiritual development so hard and time consuming, when survival itself takes all that I have?”

Sadly you have choices to make and they are not often comfortable when it comes to this arena.

Learning and accepting the Universal Laws takes time and dedication. Discovering your Divinity and utilizing it to create change takes guts, strength and perseverance. If the minds of humans were not so susceptible to the modern comforts of life perhaps they could see their way clear to advance.

Make no mistake here, no one is asking you to become poor or austere, just to take the time to balance your spirit and human life.

The Universal Teachers are here to help you along, though we cannot and will not do it for you. If we are not saving the Earth from her changes why would you expect us to save you from your own karmic journey of life?

Imagination and wonderment are fantastic tools for growth and development, yet they are being dismissed my many. Children should be full of wonderment; yet when their parents are destitute and the environment desolate, how are they to proceed.

I speak to you of these things today because they are reality and pretending they do not exist is simply insanity. Creating one’s own reality does not mean dismissing what surrounds them as unreal. Creating reality is a beacon of light and hope for others searching for inner truth.

All of you upon your path of awareness and light must continue your journey by sharing what you know to be truth. What you see as truth today may indeed look entirely different tomorrow but it does not make it less valid in the moment.

Walking ones truth is difficult not because of your spirit essence but because of you fears of vanity and acceptance by others. It is not easy to change your awareness and perception when you are surrounded by others who choose to stay where they are, but like that child of wonderment you must go forward and explore all that you can comprehend.

Never judge others and let go of judging yourselves, as judging creates new barriers to overcome along the way. Accept your challenges in life as lessons you need to evolve, heal and overcome. Do not judge others by the challenges they too must face.

Remember that forgiveness is still the most valuable tool you have in your toolbox and appreciate its value in your life. Quit pretending everything is alright when it is not and go to the source, the inner self, to find answers.

We are a part of your soul and spirit consciousness and awareness. When you go to “Inner Self” we are there as well. And when you do not like the answers you find, do not turn to denial; instead discover how to change yourself.

Be In Peace and Love,