Radical Shifts

I feel the radical shifts currently happening and it brings shivers to my body. Society as we know it no longer seems to align with hope and goodness. To much fear and anger pervade the masses. This cannot be good. I speak with the Angels on a regular basis so I am asking them to speak now on how we can survive this negative surge and still find hope.

Raphael please help.

The world is at a phase and stage of development brought about by the need for transition and transformation. What you are feeling is a symptom of the sickness that has developed through the wrong use of will and shall continue until the many change their minds about following the laws of God, Goddess All that is. It simply makes sense that there are better and different ways of handling Global Warfare and many countries and their governing bodies simply do not care.

The need for wealth and riches has and is sabotaging the world and its peoples. The more people that are in need of even basic services such as food and shelter are letting their souls die and have quit believing in much of anything including sanity. It is indeed an hour of darkness for earth so long as mankind continues to create and sell weaponry as well as kill one another. This is not what creation is about.

The more soulless beings of earth become the more they are simply the walking dead. We have no power over mankind’s free will is was a gift from the creators to mankind. We had hoped this gift would be appreciated and used for its highest purpose, but we did not expect people to use it to control and hurt others. We are not beings of expectations and perhaps we should have been but being of unconditional love we always see the hope and best in everything. Our message to you is do not lose your soul, this is the only vehicle you have to return to your home of origin.

Just as you pray so too do we for you. Know you are blessed and continue to do the work of soul to help mankind.

Mother Earth

I don’t know what is going on with Mother Earth’s energies right now; but I know it is time for concern. More massive things will be hitting very soon and we must be aware. I also know that the energies are hitting people hard in their lives. I understand the massive amount of turmoil this is bringing about and I pray for all the displaced souls at this time. I have recently been spending as much as three hour daily in prayer and meditation as my senses are very strong right now.

This is always how I start my prayers:

I am that I am

I am that I am

I am that I am

I am Earth, I am Air, I am fire and I am water

I am that I am, I am that I am, I am that I am.

I call forth all my teachers and guides of light, I call forth the Universal light, I call forth my soul and spirit self

I pray for the guardians and keepers of light to come forward and assist the children of Earth and her species. I pray for Mother Earth herself to find peace and harmony within.

I pray for awareness of mankind to be lifted to the understanding of the need for peace and love. I ask for divine intervention to help bring this about.

Then I begin my prayers for specific individuals.

I end in gratitude with I am that I am, I am that I am I am that I am, and some OM’s. blessed be the holy light of Life within.

Divine Intervention

Divine Intervention

A discussion between Athene Raefiel and Sanat Kumara

Athene:  Dear Universe what is Divine Intervention and how does it work?

Sanat Kumara: For the human race as well as other beings of form, Divine intervention is an idea or a concept, something that can only be understood through the experience of it. This is to say the Divine must be experienced to understand what it is as well as how intervention may play into life.

You are beings of thought and therefore must conceive of something to make it real. Divinity is only realized by human beings through their own individual conception and can exist only when realized or experienced. In fact the Divine plays no rule in intervening in your lower four dimensional lives unless it is expressly asked to do so, and this is how prayer came about. Prayer is the form of asking the Divine to hear your questions and answer them.

Athene: How do we know when a prayer is answered?

Sanat Kumara: All prayers are answered simply because of the energy put forth by the prayer. The divine is always listening. Yet the expectations of how the Divine should respond often seems to delineate the response given. In order to understand what the Divine is saying or doing you must first understand your own Divinity and proceed with trust and love in your heart. When one has transcended the lower planes of survival they determine that all life is a miracle, as is its ups and downs. They themselves begin to realize that they are a miracle who creates miracles all of the time.

Athene: If I pray and ask for world peace and senseless dying to end, why can I not create this?

Sanat Kumara: But indeed you are creating this all of the time. Unfortunately you are a part of mass consciousness that has yet to reach this simple reality. The animal instinct in humans is strong and they still believe in eat or be eaten. The paradox of the Divine is too confusing for them to take seriously unless it too has animal instinct. Pure love and understanding, kindness and compassion are too often viewed as weaknesses’ and therefore easily discarded in the face of adversity. For one to transcend the human consciousness and identify their divinity is often too time consuming and just too much work. Since what one believes is their reality, to believe differently than before is simply too strenuous.

Athene: there a various groups of pious people around the world that use constant prayer and meditation everyday as a way of life. I have discovered large numbers of them, they live their lives in trust and prayer, living as simple and self-sustaining life they can. Still wars rage and people starve and live destitute.

Sanat Kumara: Yes it is a quandary indeed. How can so many understand the Light and so many more not? Form is a part of creation that is based on light and dark. One cannot exist without the other, though one is simply a shadow of the other, still there is a force within human beings that causes them to battle this reality within themselves and all other life. People see these two as opposites rather that the two sides of the same coin. Yet one cannot exist without the other, for the light dwells within the darkness just as the darkness dwells within the light. Neither is good nor evil; only human conception sees one or the other.

The reason Divinity is so mysterious to human mind is due to judgement, or lack thereof, in so many. Each soul has the awareness needed to blend these seemingly two forces into the true balance within all life, but once again it requires soul recognition and study to find such peace.

Athene: But human consciousness is not taught to search for and discover soul awareness, why? Was there a heavenly fall from grace that predisposed our creators to devise ourselves to be this way?

Sanat Kumara: You indeed were created in the image of Divinity yet too many souls chose to forget their own eternal selves and tried to create a world in which they themselves would be kings and queens, rulers of others by any means possible. This is a human expression of what they thought God or the Divine to be.

( Read complete article of Divine Intervention in my articles.)

The Afterlife

Ever wonder what happens after you leave this world and enter the next? Wonder no more; Archangel Raphael has offered some important information for the future of your being.

When someone dies there is a process to which they must adhere before entering into a state of blissful consciousness and peace. This process involves the Soul and the Astral Self.

When hearing someone speak of seeing the soul leave another’s’ body, what they are actually seeing is the Astral body of that individual. Few make the distinction between the astral and soul, as few really seek to enlighten themselves to these teachings. Death often referred to as a great Mystery of the Universe, yet there is no greater mystery than life itself. I say this as Death is part of life and so life part of death, or the great transitions within soul.

When leaving the physical world due to dying, you immediately enter the Astral body. This vehicle of time and travel is extensive and whether you choose to be aware of it or not and has been actively participating throughout your lifetime. The astral is a vast plane of reality and consciousness that is always connected to and part of your soul.

The astral plane is not now nor ever has been separate from the physical for it indeed is a transmission plane through which all out of body experiences are lived and experienced before moving beyond.

Often meditation and an altered state of consciousness allow the individual to enter and explore the many dimensions of the astral plane. In this awesome plane of existence beings and teachers of light such as the Angels and Spirit guides can be met with and utilized within your own individual consciousness.

To read the entire article go Crossing Over by Archangel Raphael on this site.

Crimes against Humanity

Hello friends,

My opinion is here stated about the crimes against humanity perpetrated by the US of America.

The new Tax Bill that makes the rich richer and poor poorer;

Any law allowing immigrant children to be separated from their parents;

Any law arresting or punishing people for being homeless and poor;

Any blind eye to the fact that there are at least 55,000 people homeless in the USA;

Not providing adequate Social Service to those in need.

Throwing out paper towels to the Puerto Rican people who had Hurricane devastation;

Finding no common ground for the good of the many;

Not providing adequate health insurance for everyone, equating to who lives and who dies.

Making enemies of other countries just because we can;

Not separating church and state.

Allowing guns on the streets;

Teaching prejudice,

I take pride in my being but feel much shame for the US.

My solution; throw out the Government and start over.

Compassion is apparently a learned response, all need to learn it.

Blessings, Athene

Staying Centered

I am working hard to stay centered in this massive wave of energy exchange. People are getting lost and out of body much of the time. chakra alignments are invaluable right now, to keep yourself aligned and in body.

I am my root chakra

I am my sacral chakra

I am my solar plexus

I am my heart chakra

I am my throat chakra

I am my brow chakra

I am my crown chakra

Feel yourself sinking into your chakras and surround yourself with light. Breathe the light in several times.


Sorry for being MIA for the past few days. We had an unexpected 22 month old baby staying with us,what a blast! To watch them play, laugh and communicate in their own ways.

We danced, we sang, we read books, we changed diapers. We laughed, we played and even watched shows together. Boy am I tired, I’m just a grandma.

2005 Vision of the World Future

By: Athene Raefiel, (2005)

All people will be taught from a young age to respect all life and themselves. They will learn that all life and each individual is special. People will be encouraged to discover and develop their own natural abilities and talents as well as integrating these into the whole of their life.
A new educational system will be set up both for children and adults. Young children will be advanced learners. At early stages in life they will be taught to speak in different languages, they will be taught ecology, science, psychology and emotional understanding. Project and experientially based teaching will be the most prominent medium for teachers. Children will be taught that are productive and useful to themselves, their community and world around them.

Adolescents when reaching the age of puberty will begin being productive in the community by working and learning through apprenticeship and cooperation. The population will belong to one another and none will be left outside. Adolescents will learn to plant and grow as well as care for the land and the animals. They will work together as teams but there will be no competitions to win. Each will learn to test themselves and understand their limitations and abilities. At approximately age 17 or 18, adolescents will return to the classroom for what is desired as their further learning and more advanced education. By this time this individual will be seeking unknown knowledge and awareness in specific areas. The family and individuals will make decisions as to what areas of studies will be taken to promote the well-being of the future community we call “The World”.

Technology and industry will be used to advance the resources of the planet and to do away with waste. All technologies will be shared and used to advance the planet and its peoples as a whole.

Adults will attend meeting and classes to learn to teach and educate themselves, their families and others. Emotions will be addressed as an intricate part of society and daily life. Sensitivity to energy will be commonplace and explored to the greatest levels achievable.

People will become harmonious and free to think and share without the need to hide. Shame, guilt, suffering and sadness will be addressed in a manner that allows those feelings to move through and not hinder the joy of the moment. Money will be used as a world exchange for sharing and helping not profiting. Hunger will no longer exist, as all will find ready supply waiting along with work, education, support and encouragement.

Personal life will not be based on ownership but on the well-being of community. Sharing, communication, gratitude and understanding will be the true values of societies.

Humankind will not only learn to live in harmony with the surrounding environment but how to help preserve and protect it.

There will be no need for jails or criminals as prevention, education, and compassionate understanding along with plenty of resources, will prevent such things. Prevention, behavioral programs of knowledge and awareness will replace the justice system.

Prejudice will no longer exist. We will base our awareness and understanding of others on a system of unconditional love that allows differing viewpoints to be positive tools in reaching common goals and alliances.

Status will be based on integrity, honesty, compassion and caring as well as knowledge as intelligence.

All peoples will be born with the same ability and means for food and housing. There will be no hunger or homelessness.

The Earth will be seen and known to home to all that live upon her, therefore technology and science will continually be used to keep the environment healthy and balanced.

Medicine will return more to the natural sciences of herbs and prevention. All foods grown and eaten will be organic. Surgeons will find new methods of healing the interior body parts and peoples will learn to regenerate their own bodies, staying detoxed and feeding, body, mind, soul and spirit in balance.

There will be no wars. Instead there will be respect for all life in all of its forms.

There will be one world language- that of compassion and cooperation. Rather than the current government systems there will be community councils who will share and integrate with other community councils for the betterment and well being of the peoples and planet as a whole.

Religion will become spirituality; the natural awareness of life itself with its great mysteries will be an individual journey learned through ones life experience and connection to the spirit they find in life. Dogma and doctrine will cease to exist as an end all, be all, and will become a historical study. Education will be ever ongoing in all people’s lives that wish to make it so. Possibilities will be limitless.

Self-control will become a way of life.

There will be no need for people to isolate and insulate themselves out of fear and pain, as all will know that they are safe and secure in their environment and self.

The tides of planet Earth will change and the harmony produced by humankind will change the harmony of Mother Earth to balance and contentment.

Humans will realize that we are actually all alike, as much as we are all different, and that those likeness’ and differences are what make us individual. Individuality will no longer inflict fear or bias.

Rather than being amazed by others we will become inspired by them and amazed at ourselves.

There will be a common respect for all life in all its forms.

I call this my Vision of the World in the Future yet it is very much my everyday reality. I call this Heaven on Earth, not because it sounds so Shangri La but because I know it to be true. My vision is one held by many, for us this shall come to fruition and manifestation. What is your vision?

Bio: Athene Raefiel is a Writer, a Spiritual Teacher, Telepath, Visionary and Clairvoyant.
She works individually as well as with groups of people of all walks of life. She has several Meditation CD’s that she has produced as well a self-help book called, “Getting to The Heart: A journey of Soul Transformation and Spiritual Enlightenment”. She is honored to work with the Archangels and Councils of Light to promote well being in the world.


Love and Light

We have been under tremendous pressure to make our money work for us. Though they say the economy is good I believe that is not happening for the lower middle class nor the poor.

The daily cost of living is very high and no matter what there are always added bills that are unexpected. It is hard to center pray and meditate under such circumstances for many.

Kindness and understanding are not simply words but also actions. Hope must be real and not simply a commodity. No matter what the planetary energies we must stay strong in our awareness and light. Being kind to self and others is important to keep our world from crashing down around us.

Time is something we must take and make if we are to have any balance at all.

The rate of suicides in school children is unacceptable and we must focus more on them as the future hope in living.

Depression is at a high rate and it is not about medicine but root causes and changes in our programming.

Taking 5 to 10 minutes a day to send love and light out to the world should not be a problem, but important to each and everyone of us.

Third Eye

When we choose to open our third eye and establish the connection between the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind; sacred geometries flow throughout our brain like wheels of attachment providing its operation. To look at and concentrate on geometric patterns is using the keys that unlock secret passageways into the brain.

At each chakra center in the body is a gland. The brain contains both the pituitary and pineal glands. Unlocking the connection of flow through our glandular structure is how we open up and explore our chakra bodies and their energy fields. The energy emanated through these centers is called the Auric Field. In the Eastern Teachings of flow; activation of the chakra centers and kundilini, are necessary to access, change, and use this powerful life force that we each emanate.

Color and sound play an important role in this activation as color and sound can merge to emanate feeling centers of light.

Putting a certain color of light bulb in a lamp and using this one color with a well-chosen music CD of perhaps nature sounds, activates the mind in ways that we never imagined. Letting ourselves feel color and light as well as feel musical rhythm can help us reach altered states of consciousness quite easily.

The third eye is the easiest chakra to open and can be done with feeling, sound and concentration. When the third opens, it opens into the brain, not out of the brain. When activated it automatically sets off a natural energetic operation that establishes itself through all your other chakra centers.

Using Mandalas with geometries drawn within them is a fantastic concentration tool for opening the third eye; just as sitting in a field of one color at a time is very useful in feeling the color and identifying how you too are that color.

Since you are energy, so is all surrounding life energy. It is through the vibrations of energy that we identify how we connect and feel about ourselves and life.

Everyone experiences the vibrations of energy around them but few acknowledge its value. Most simply shrug it off. These vibrations and frequencies are the language of physical, emotional, mental, etheric, and astral, as well as soul and spirit essence. The more attuned we become to them, the more information they reveal and the better equipped we are to experience life as living instead of simple existence.

This sensitivity is within everyone and everything, awakening self to this fact is a tremendous activation that changes perspective as well as perception. Try it, you might just like it.